Have Faith? Judd Does – The Faith Fork

Tedd and I headed up to Colorado to do some camping, mounting biking, and UFO watching. We camped in Frisco on Friday and Saturday, sweet campground – aside from all the dead trees. Of course we had to belly up to the bar at the Backcountry Brewery AND we left the joint with a PIG of Telemark IPA, awesome. Tedd couldn’t find his tent, no big deal – a picnic table works. On Saturday we cruised up to Fort Collins to pick up the new Faith Fork for the Black Sheep bike. James, owner / designer / builder of Black Sheep bikes set me up with the killer fork. Check it out. On Sunday we rode up Boreas Pass, 11,500 ft at the summit, cool ride. It’s always a good thing to peak out above 11,000 ft.

On a funny note, Tedd and I were killing ‘The Pig’ in the parking lot, two chunky chicks came up to us in a Cadillac Escalade and asked – ‘You guys giving tours?’ Yep, must be the team uniforms.
Next adventure? Who knows. Maybe Alien Chasing while I’m flying down near Alamogordo in the middle of the night. Sounds like a plan.
Check out the picture below, I’m cruising on James’ ZAMer – awesome. I need one. Yeah, I need about 3 more Black Sheep bikes. Why? Why Not?
Check out the data:
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3 thoughts on “Have Faith? Judd Does – The Faith Fork

  1. Of course, I was referencing Limp Bizkit. I think. Boy George Michael? Isn't he still stuck in that park 'restroom' gazing for some …


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