The Virus… The Data… COVID-19

The data and plots that I’m working on. A global view of the numbers I’m tracking. More info and comments and opinions will be included later. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m busy.

And. There is always a motivation behind the data, so the data may be less than accurate, i.e., may not be entirely accurate, like the numbers manipulated. Cuz science is based on objectives and numbers must support the objective. You understand what I’m say’n? The data sources are included below. You decide if those sources have underlying motivations.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 5.53.43 AM

THE DATA SOURCES, THE LINKS : The World Map with Country / State Info : USA Data. State Data. Testing, Positive Tests, etc The Model Stuff. and remember. real data is better than simulations and predictions

The countries and states I picked for Judd Analysis. Because I have the freedom to choose. And it makes sense to me. 



So look at the data… Party On Dudes and Dudettes. And don’t worry. You’ll be outta your house soon. Either that or your cuddle bunny honey will kick your a$$ out. Cuz you deserve it. No Joke.

UPDATED Thursday May 24, in the PM. 

The Data of Selected Countries… the countries that span Planet Earth.

maybe ‘span’ is a bad word

The Data: A subset of The Countries on Planet Earth

And a subset of the subset… just cuz you probably don’t want to check out the link

The Data of selected states in The Great USA

The Data. A combination of Hospitalization #s and Deaths. Some very interesting plots. If you were to quantify the health risk and characterize the recovery… what would you look at? This is a subset of what I would look at.

COVID 19: State Data. The Hospitalizations

And if you are too lazy to click the link above, here are a few examples

Here are some psychotic plots of totals, like total cases, total deaths… for countries and states. Then some crazy plots of total tests and total # (# = number) of positive cases in selected states of the great USA. And, of course, look at the axes and legend. Cuz I do some stuff to create a better learning opportunity for Y-O-U…. FOR Y-O-U !

The Totals. Positive Tests & Total Deaths. Selected Countries and Selected States.

Logs and Ratios. MoFo. but you gotta click on the image to see some details.

The Totals. Total Tests and Positive Tests. Just The Selected States.

And a hint. Look at the final 2 plots. I’m thinking that downward sloping curve is desired. Just thinking… out loud. 

And, for your reference, Iowa, Minnesota & Arizona are not negative slopes and that is bad news for those states.

Total Tests  &  Population Estimates


And then a subset of the data, this is interesting. 

(Total Tests) / (Population Estimates) and (Positive Tests) / (Total Tests)


and then some tables. tables sorted on # dead, dead / population estimates and … 

and this data will piss everyone off, one way or the other.

Example # 1. States run by democrats have 57% of the population. 76% of the deaths. States run by republicans have 43% of the population and 24% of the deaths. Why? Count be geography, could be social type stuff. Could be… counting methods. Who knows.

Example #2. New Mexico is still on lockdown. Restaurants, beauty salons, barber shops, all closed. New Mexico is # 34 on total deaths, #19 on deaths / state population. The deaths / state polulation is 0.015 % . Thats 15 one thousandths of one percent.

Example #3. California is still on lockdown. California is # 7 on total deaths, #34 on deaths / state population. The deaths / state polulation is 0.0095% . Thats 9.5 one thousandths of one percent.

What does all this mean? Who the hell knows. All I know is that this is confusing. What data to believe, who to believe. Are we in The Matrix? Who are making the decisions? And how are they making the decisions?

sorted by total deaths


sorted by total deaths / state population


Blue States


Red States




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