03: BPR New Zealand

BACK OF THE PACK RACING: New Zealand Chapter


Chapter Operating Instructions

Refer to the BPR GLOBAL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS…. All Rules in the Global Operating Instructions will be followed by all dudes in the BPR New Zealand Crew. No deviations, clarification, additions were provided to The Founding Fathers. But it is understood that the BPR NZ crew is a crew of self-motivated dudes, dudes motivated within The Alternate Reality. It this means that the freaks will pull out a DH bike, jump on a helicopter and let it rip. Therefore, as history shows… Anything Goes!

Profiles of The Crew

The Crew of 3, BPR NZ, is a self contained chapter that operates on a different plane than the rest of us.. The BPR NZ Crew of 3 dominate within their own unique world below The Equator.. I won’t go into much detail because BPR NZ is a highly functional ‘cosmos’ of Ludacrazy. They operate below the radar, and want to stay below the radar. They are good at what they do… and they don’t want you to know about what they do and how they do it. Make Sense?




aka, The Crew Chief, aka The Magic Man


Dan may be The Leader of BPR New Zealand. ‘May’ because BPR NZ doesn’t need a leader because ‘they’ are all leaders and thus can’t be lead (What the hell did I just say?) Anyway, Dan is the Crew Chief… because he has everything under control and we NEED him to have everything under control. The Alternate Reality collapses without constant manipulation and twisting of the ‘threads’, the ‘strings‘, that define the boundaries of Ludacracy. And Dan controls those threads, those strings. Seriously. And Dan is The Magic Man because he makes it all happen… with magic… all the time.



aka, Jasper, aka That Fast Dude,


Jasper was the 1st BPR NZ dude to import a Black Sheep titanium single speed machine into the great country of New Zealand. (And all the rest of the BPR NZ Crew have followed his lead… cuz he’s a leader.) Jasper is a dude that is so fast that has The Crew Chief serve as a conduit to The Alternate Reality. That’s right. Super Freaks at the back of the pack can’t be slowed down with Ludacracy. They put the freakish in the freak and thus are fundamental to The Lifestyle.

And it should be known that Jasper rips up the NZ brevet circuit on his single speeds. The dude not only throws down serious miles, but he believes that the best nutrition plan is grounded in liquid carbs and washed down with good stories. (Or is that grounded in good stories and washed down with liquid carbs? Who knows. Like it matters.)


aka Henry


You probably know Henry and if you don’t know Henry then you don’t need to know Henry. And if you need to know Henry but don’t know Henry then…. talk to The Crew Chief. Enough Said.