25: BPR UT

BPR Utah Operating Instructions aka:



MISSION:  The mission of the Utah chapter is to promote MTB riding, comradery, trail courteousness, and most importantly having fun.  Rule number one:  don’t be an ASSHOLE!  BPR UT is based on riding bikes, having fun, and not taking shit too seriously.  To promote peace, love, harmony, and ludacracy and embracing the alternate reality.  To ride rigid 32 x YM on the vast trail networks found all over UT.

MEMBERSHIP:  Any Dude or Dudette that rolls rigid and single, that is generally badass, and loves to ride bikes.  Anyone who wishes to roll with the BPR UT crew will be admitted at the discretion of the chapter leader upon completing a trail/probational, a period to be determined by the chapter leader.  Membership may also be rejected/revoked on such grounds as being a dick!

  • Bribery to the chapter leader with the appropriate alcoholic beverage may speed the process of membership into the BPR UT chapter.

HOW WE ROLL:  Utah BPR chapter members are encouraged to roll rigid and single whenever wearing BPR colors or at any event where they are representing BPR.  Riding mechanical drivetrains and squishy bikes is each members business and will not be discriminated against, however, the farther from rigid and single a members’ setup will determine the amount of verbal abuse and quantity of beers owed to other members riding rigid and single.

  • Dudettes who roll with the crew may do and dress as they wish. They are not required to follow any rules other than the first rule of not being an ASSHOLE.
  • Dudes will do their best to encourage more dudettes to join and ride with the BPR UT crew.

UNIFORM:  The BPR UT crew uniform will adhere to the terms originally set by the founding fathers. Baggy shorts and work shirts (plaid preferred).  In cold weather, jeans or wool pants and other clothing items to stay warm.  While attending BPR events, plaid and patches as per the founding fathers instructions are considered “good form.” NO LYCRA (visible).

BOOZE:  Local beers rule!  Especially with Utah’s silly alcohol laws and low gravity beer, high gravity beers purchased from the many local breweries are preferred!  Being in Utah, membership is not exclusive to those who enjoy the tasty suds, you just don’t know what you are missing.

NON DISCRIMINATION:  Utah BPR chapter members will not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or beer or intoxicant of choice (drugs are not good for you).

Anything not covered under the Utah bylaws and rules of conduct will fall under the Global BPR Operating Instructions\


Letter of Intent

Dear Founding Fathers,

Recently, I’ve begun to enter the Alternate Reality of bumping my way through rocks and roots at the back of the pack, enjoying or accepting the agony and joviality of riding in its simplest form, rigid and single.  As I find myself ever approaching the back of the pack, I relinquish myself to passionately encourage Ludacracy if’n Back of the Pack Racing honors me the opportunity to join their ranks.  I humbly submit this letter of intent to roll with the BPR crew and from the Utah chapter to promote peace, love, harmony, and everything singlespeed, and rigid.  My intentions are to gather with likeminded souls, to share beers and stories, to ride and race bikes, and to adhere and promote the operating instructions of BPR. I am no great leader but seeing as there’s no Utah Chapter I submit this seemingly half-assed inquiry to initiate a Utah chapter and have attached a shortlist of bylaws to initiate a Utah chapter. I am grateful for your consideration into your exclusive club and whatever the decision, I look forward to sharing a beer at SSWC in Bend or in the Zuni mountains at the next 24 hour race!