04: BPR Australia

BACK OF THE PACK RACING: Australia Chapter

Chapter Operating Instructions

The BPR Australia Chapter Leader roles with the XX Chromosome makeup therefore the Chapter Operating Instructions could / may / will contain ANYTHING. And that is the basics of how The BPR AUS Chapter operates…. which is characterized by  Peace & Love & Harmony & DIVERSITY.

BUT FULL DISCLOSURE: If you roll with the XY Chromosome and dream about roll’n with the BPR Australia crew, refer to the BPR GLOBAL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS…. Most of rules and regulations will apply to you UNLESS you are in a legal contract aka MARRIAGE with The Chapter Leader. Just Say’n. Just the Facts.


Profiles of The Crew


aka Blondie

 Another 7 Days We'll Never Get Back: v14.38

Blondia is the foxy mama running BPR Australia. And full disclosure, Blondie means RedHead in Australian. Just Say’n. We don’t really know much about Blondie, other than she is addicted to titanium, rolls a Black Sheep single speed, and is focused on building the baddest Back of the Pack chapter on this planet we call Earth. . Other than Blondie’s single speed lifestyle, we have no clue what she does or what she is all about. She’s like all over the place. One day we think she is a wedding coordinator, the next day a professional equestrian freak, the next day a interior decorator, the next day a veterinarian, the next day she’s farmer, the next day a beach bum.

Yep, we just can’t keep track of Blondie. But that’s cool. Because Blondie is a Foxy Mama and Foxy Mamas can do whatever they want. It’s the foxy factor, as approved in the BPR Operating Instructions. Yep, Foxy is as Foxy does.


Danger Sean

aka Danger


Danger Sean is dangerous. Just the facts. The dude is married to Blondie. (That’s a plus.) But the dude rolls out in spandex and skinning tires – The CX thing. That is dangerous. Because the dude has Patches and disobeys all rules. (I guess he secretly fantasizes about Prob-eee and Prob-eee’s ability to challenge The Lifestyle.)

Anyway. Everyone in this world has issues. All we really care about is Blondie. Danger Sean comes with Blondie. It’s a package deal, and we are cool with that. But if Blondie ever ditches Danger Sean, then that dude better has his act together.. meaning patches, plaid, cotton and rigid single speeds. Or we’ll be on a big a$$ plane headed to Australia to… get our patches back. (Just joking. Or am I?)


Aka The Coz

Scotty, The Coz, is a new (old?) dude that will roll with BPR Australia. All I really know is that The Coz digs bikes, brews beer and tries to keep all the sketchy stuff, like associating with BPR, on the down low. Because he values his wife and his marriage. (Just a guess.)

Anyway, The Coz is a long lost cousin of The Brothers, 2 of the founding fathers. The Brothers are from a long line of revolutionaries that roll with the name ‘Morgan’. These revolutionaries traveled west from England in the last 1600s / early 1700s – before The Revolution. So the ‘western’ Morgans were a sneaky set of revolutionaries that escaped and evaded persecution from The King. But The Coz is a product of the ‘southern’ Morgans which were a clan that was shipped south, to the prison colony called Australia. Yeah. The ‘southern’ Morgans were trouble makers, didn’t keep the troublemaking quiet, and thus were shipped out to Australia.

But these troublemakers, the ‘southern’ Morgans, have redeemed themselves via Scotty, The Coz. You see, The Coz is the head brewer at a brewery in Alexandria, NSW. (Which is like… Sydney, to us ‘western’ Morgans.) And rumor has it that The Coz makes a killer IPA. And now I am proud that The Coz is my long lost cousin, or formally lost and now found.