27: BPR Nomads

Have no home they roam around Europe & the World spreading the BPR ethos of Peace & Love.
They ride Fat & skinny, SS & gears, wear plaid & baggies, Lycra/Spandex, Kilts & Tutus it matters not.
There are no rules save for to be nice to everybody, smile, say Hi & drink good beer, life’s to short.
We are:
the BeerBiker
the BeerBabe
La Chouffe (Blonde) – Marcel
McChouffe (Bruin) – Malcolm
Photos attached.
The Crew in Pics

And the original Letter of Intent. Circa 2010. That’s like 10 years ago. No Joke.

Before there were Letters of Intent… The Nomad freaks crossed the big pond to race and hang with The Founding Fathers… and Prob-eee and Mad Rhino aka The 1st 5.

That’s how it’s done MoFos. Race’n and Hang’n with The Crew


Hi Judd, 

I hope you don’t mind me e-mailing you but I’ve reading blog about both the above races.

My wife & I were looking into coming over from the UK to compete in one or the other. We came over last in 2008 for the 24h in the Old Pueblo and raced (badly) the year it snowed

I think I know the answer to this question but which is the better race the 24hitef or the 24hintc ?

For us the altitude in the 24hitef & the heat in the 24hintc are against us but they both look interesting. Not sure about Texas though!

I notice in you blog that you mention bugs in both reports, are they really a problem? My wife Judy got done by a mosquito in the Canyon De Chelly and it wasn’t a good experience.

Also in the Drunk Cyclist blog there was mention of a bear sighting on the 24hitef, true or just a wind up?

 I’m sure I’ll loads of other questions but if you don’t mind helping out a couple of old Brits it would be greatly appreciated.


Roy McNeill aka the BeerBiker

Follow me on Twitter @BeerBiker

                        or    @beer_babe (the wife)’


Lets make it ‘official’ we feel it’s time. 

Cheers Boss