26: BPR WI

BPR Wisconsin Operating Instructions

The original version chiseled on stone in hieroglyphics… if you are into this type of communcation method.

BPR Wisconsin OIs

English Versions… Wisconsin Style

BPR Wisconsin Operating Instruction_V1_pg1

BPR Wisconsin Operating Instruction_V1_pg2BPR Wisconsin Operating Instruction_V1_pg3

Racer Profiles

Chico:  Founding Father of BPR WI Chapter aka BPR Wisconsin Chapter Leader

Aka:  The Joker

Chico, The Joker, is the Wisconsin crew leader of Back of the Pack Racing.  

Chico is an endurance fiend.  Whether its on a bike, on foot, (or on a dudette), this freak likes to go long……  

Chico also embraces a good challenge.  In fact, Chico tried petitioning The Preacher for adoption into BPR Michigan, but the Founding Fathers said: “No way Jose”.  “If you want in, prove yourself worthy, MoFo!”  And Chico did just that.  He quickly submitted his letter of intent and drafted the Wisconsin BPR Operating Instructions.  Cleary this dude gets shit done.

Chico likes his ABC (and D)’s:  Ale (India Pale Ale), Bikes (phatbikes), Cigars and Dudettes!  One of them, some of them, or all of them — anytime, anyplace for Chico.

Chico brings a good sense of humor which fits perfectly in the Alternate Reality.  Chico will not waste the opportunity to embarrass himself by sharing a post/picture of him drinking beer, of his wipeouts after drinking beer, and his being fixed up in emergency room after drinking beer and wiping out.  ‘Nuff said!

Chico is currently our only BPR WI chapter member. 

Chico… The Letter of Intent

Chico LoI