18: BPR CA

BPR CA Mission – to promote and encourage the BPR 29, rigid, singlespeed riding, the alternative reality and encourage riders of all walks of life to join. Ride, drink, ride, repeat.
Vision – Ride all the bikes, drink all the whiskey and the cheap beers with a welcoming attitude.
  1. Bikes – BPR CA will be single, rigid and 29 and promote this way of riding, thinking and being. Bikes are all welcome, 29/Single and Rigid will be celebrated.
  2. Uniform – plaid w/ BPR patches and black will be the rolling order of the chapter. When in doubt, black. BPR socks should always take favor over any other. Flask in pocket.
  3. Behavior/Demeanor – it is expected that BPR CA members are to be true to supporting and promoting the alternative reality by being respectful of the trail, the people and the BPR brotherhood. The patch is considered and honor and should be treated with respect. Having libations of beer, flask or other party favors to share with BPR members and the community is expected. Respect gets respect, period.
  4. Membership – membership should always be considered a privilege, never a right. To apply for the chapter, night riding, beer drinking and whiskey shooting with the Chapter Lead is the first step. Reviewing, accepting and honoring the mission/vision and bylaws as well as adding and adapting to them are expected as we grow the chapter.
  5. Riding – day or night, in all seasons. respect and shred all the trails, period. pack out what you pack in. Have fun, don’t take yourself seriously.
  6. SS Gatherings/Contests – make sure to attend a good share of gatherings to keep the stoke and spread the BPR/alternative reality. SSUSA, SSWorlds, SSAZ, SSNM should all be on the list. When racing is a commitment BPR CA members will follow the chapter rules, follow the mission/vision and keep forward motion at the back of the pack.
  7. Evolution/Revolution – BPR will evolve by adding members at the right time, and for the right reason: because there is stoke for BPR, the chapter and the cause. Revolution of gears, wheels, beverages and cheer is at the foundation of our evolution.

The Crew

Francis aka MoonMen1 aka Death by Single Speed


Submitted for your perusal and approval is the BPR CA Chapter Mission/Vision and Chapter By-Laws. These are a start and as the chapter grows, we will look forward to adapting and adopting off of the core. This will ensure the chapter is building on a strong foundation based in support for the alternative reality, 29, single, rigid and belief in the beer/whiskey/libation combination makes for good rides with great friends.

With this commitment, plan and continued support of the alternative reality, I humbly submit my request to start the BPR CA.

My first encounter with BPR was at the Growler in Gunnison – seeing the BPR crew roll out and climb kill hill on rigid 29×1 was interesting and compelling. I’d toyed with 26×1, and after seeing the crew and learning about the 29x1xrigid, I upgraded to a Spot Longboard 29×1 belt, removed the fork, installed a rigid one from white in carbon and the rest was history. Never looked back.

As the owner of the first production Moonmen, the BPR crew should know that moonmen has its roots from black sheep bikes – Todd and I met up at SSUSA MN in 2013 which led to my being the lucky one with #M01. My stoke for the movement is showcased in the titanium glory that is M01.

Thanks for the consideration, should you need references from Corbin at BlackSheep, Todd or Ryan from Moonmen or need to see my jerseys from my Salsa Days when we showed what being moto really meant.