17: BPR OR

Back of the Pack Racing – Oregon Operating Instructions

By the Authority granted to the Chapter Leader by the Founding Fathers, the Oregon Chapter hereby adopts the following chapter for Operation

1. Mission

The mission of the Oregon Chapter of BPR is the promote the single speed way of life, while also encouraging fellow riders to hit big jumps and rail huge berms. And to make sure no one is frowning or thirsty.

2. Vision

BPR Oregon has very straightforward vision, Ride Bikes, Drink All The Beer, Push Your Personal Limits, Heckle Those Who Take It Too Serious, and Smile!

2.1    Bikes

BPR Oregon members will have a single speed rigid bike (Dudettes fall under Operating             Instructions section 5. Dudes vs. Dudettes).

2.1.1   Exceptions   Gears

Geared bikes are allowed to be ridden, but only for training purposes, in order to be faster on a single speed.   Suspension

Full Squish is allowed as long as the BPR OR member is travelling at an unsafe rate of speed over a jump, or through the gnarliest terrain available to them.   Booze

Massive amounts of alcohol must be supplied for The Chapter Leader aka Spreader of Stoke anytime a member forgets their helmet, shoes, gloves, basically anything preventing them from adequately participating in the activity they committed to.  A punch card system may be put into place if necessary.

3.1     Uniform

Plaid & Patches will be the standard top, Cycle specific bottoms are acceptable only if they are baggy. Spandex or Lycra will only be allowed as an outer layer if being used to mock riders taking it entirely too seriously, or for amusement of fellow Chapter Members or hangarounds.

3.1.1   Behavior

The only serious requirement of every BPR OR Crew Member is that when flying the BPR colors, you WILL NOT draw negative attention to yourself or The Crew. We promote Ludacracy in cycling, but in a positive way, You don’t just represent yourself, you represent a worldwide group of people when wearing those patches. Now that that’s said, Cheers Motherfuckers!

4.1     Membership

Becoming a Member of BPR Oregon has a probationary period, The Chapter Leader aka Spreader of Stoke will determine the length of that period on a person by person basis. This probationary period could be a day, a month, a year, or never.

4.1.1 Fast Track

There are ways to Fast Track acceptance into The Crew.   Bring Food and Beer

Enough Said….   Pain Train

We who struggle together, struggle together. A prospective member should make an effort to go on the more difficult rides as well as shuttle days and booze cruises. Inclusion in bike packing trips should be considered an honor, and a sacrificial bottle of whiskey should be provided to The Chapter Leader aka Spreader of Stoke and The Crew by every probationary member.   Me Against the Mainstream

Embracing the Alternate Reality is not just a saying, it’s a way of life. Supporting the small, or local guy so that all like minded cyclists can prosper over the ones who just blend in is what we do.

5.1     Evolution

As the Oregon Back of the Pack Racing chapter grows, or doesn’t grow, changes can and will be made if The Chapter Leader aka Spreader of Stoke sees a need. All BPR members are encouraged to offer advice or insight on how to improve the BPR OR Chapter and Events. Anything not covered in these Local Operating Instructions will follow Global BPR Operating Instructions. Lastly, Cheers Motherfuckers!!!

The Crew

Matt aka Spreader of Stoke