07: BPR ND

BACK OF THE PACK RACING: North Dakota Chapter

Chapter Operating Instructions

Dave aka Da Beard is the BPR ND Leader. We think.

And much like the great Matsuo Basho….Da Beard publicly declared that BPR-ND has 395 ‘rules’ with the LAST rule being the foundation upon which BPR-ND operates….what is that rule? (ALL you lazy and won’t bother to learn so we’ll provide you with the cliff notes).. the last rule is “there are no rules”

so… if you want to roll with the BPR ND crew. Contact Da Beard. AND only contact me, The Philosofizer, if you need to contact info of Da Beard. Easy. Right! Right?

Profiles of The BPR ND Crew


aka Da Beard


Da Beard is a co-founder of BPR North Dakota. This dude is new to Ludacracy so I can’t really throw the dude under the bus, yet. (Ok, I can, but won’t. At least at this time I won’t). But we know that he rolls out on fatbikes, snowbikes, believes the great god in The Alternate reality provided him with a calling to sport the massive beard, believes that beer is food – which aligns with the Founding Fathers #1 strategy of nutrition – and is not afraid to crank out serious miles in snow, sand, desert, whatever. Either way, Da Beard understands the fundamental ‘things’ that make Back of the Pack Racing. Therefore we are proud to have Da Beard in The Crew.



aka Drunkenholz, aka, DRU, aka MacGyver, aka, The Rustler (as in cow rustler), aka The Hustler (as in Larry Flynt Hustler.)


Drunkenholz is the other co-founder of BPR ND. And rumor has it that DrunkenHolz has the skills required to take over the role of BPR Corporate Lawyer. We really know nothing about Drunkenholz except those stories that are only discussed in the darkest parts of the scariest dark alleys. Rumor has it that Cjell Mone stayed with DrunkenHolz prior to a running of the Maah Daah Hay 100. Cjell vouches for this freak – and that’s good enough for us decision makers. So we are happy to have the freak in the freak show.

But aside from Cjell’s endorsement. I do know a few things about DrunkenHolz. The dude is not afraid to use social media, find your location, and call in to order a few drinks for the The Crew. (Yep, that is ALL Time.) The dude has mastered the American language. His skills rival those of The Philosofizer’s. And the dude is a culinary genius. Or at least he likes to talk about all that cooking & kitchen stuff. Hell, rumor has it that DrunkenHolz was romantically involved with Julia Child. Just had to point that out. And with respect to single speed Ludacrazy, DRU rolls a fully rigid single speed (at least when we’re are doing bike checks) and isn’t afraid to pack the shotgun and hit a few ‘fowl’ along his rides. So I’ve heard. Or so I’m dreaming.


BACK OF THE PACK RACING: North Dakota Chapter – WEST

Joey aka The Wrench 


Joey lives for 2 things: bikes, tattoos, motorcycles. (Ok, maybe that is 3 things.) Joey is The BPR Wrench as he is ShadeTree Bikes. (Show the dude some love, via your credit card.) And when you see this big bad boy rumbling towards you on his Fat Bike, with his color’d canvas & high’n tight haircut… just remember, Joey is your friend and you don’t even know it, yet. Also remember: Hayduke and Gnarly talk about The Podium. But Joey is The Podium, Mr Podium. As proven by the 1st race of the 2015 BPR Championship Series.