14: BPR MN

Minnesota is the Great Homeland for 2 of the Founding Fathers. Therefore, we’ve implemented a unique process for entry into the BPR MN crew… a crew is currently dominated by Leah.

Leah aka Leah

If you have the XX Chromosome set… you much work with Leah on a letter of intent that supports and promotes the unwritten BPR MN Operating Instructions.

For those rolling with the XY Chromosome set… you must operate according to the BPR New Mexico Operating Instructions, i.e., the overarching Back of the Pack Racing operating instructions. In other words, you gotta roll out just like the Founding Fathers.

The Operating Instructions for all those with the XY Chromosome set.


If for some reason you have an XY Chromosome set and feel like the BPR OIs are too strict for your lifestyle, then you can work a deal with Woody Preacher, aka, The Preacher, aka The Leader of BPR Michigan. (https://backofthepackracing.com/12-bpr-mi/)

Yeah. Michigan is a geographically isolated from MN. But The Founding Fathers value The Preachers judgment and his ability to a) draw a line in the sand, b) redraw the line in the sand, c) turn the sand into concrete to ensure the line is never erased. if that makes sense.

Dick Scarf

Hi guys!
I am writing to you because I want ask you  to include in your team not myself . AS I said before I am opposite your motto person ( I do not ride single speed since I bought my first MTB at 20 years old, I never tried any alcohol and hate smell of beer )) but I like all of you : funny big positive  boys! We same in ONE – LOVE to endure BIKE rides|races.
I am asking about my husband  Dan Vold- another big funny guy. When I met him  he rode a lot. I learned a lot of MTB  real rides from him and all best MTB trails in MN. We did so many rides together.   And I was hoping this will be forever. But last few years (when his best friend who was crazy good rider and partner for Dan . So his friend got trauma and stop to ride  and Dan too as much as he did.. This makes me upset…  And I was looking last few years that he likes your team… this  kind of  motivated him to ride… And year ago he registered for bike race again Maah Daah Hey 150 and he did very good.. I think, i am sure that being part of your team will be perfect motivation for him to do more races…
Not much men able to stay with strong woman . Not much men like when in a public place people say: ” This is Dan, Sveta’s husband”.. I want to be “Dan’s Vold wife”

My big part of life – ADVENTURE bike rides , trips, races… And I don’t want   to  have husband who will sitting at home and drinking beer. I want to have adventure partner. So , please, help me with that. I know he is ambition guy.. I know that we are registered for Marji  2019… He bought (OMG !!!trainer for 1500 $ for training at night when I am at work….) I want that this peace of equipment will useful…

So lots of evrything!
Give him a chance )

THANK you!

The Hard Core Wife of Dick Scarf

Jeff aka Rock aka Roach

I have a dream, a dream to stand under the burled arch in patches and plaid next to my trusty and possibly gerry rigged fully loaded single speed. 

Tell me who I have to kill or what I need to do to be one of the elite, pint tipping, single speed savages of the Back of The Pack. 

My running days may be behind me but the fire still burns within me to strive for some of the biggest goals known to man. ITI 1000, the Tour Divide, a 2nd Order of the Hrimthurs(on wheels this time) just to name a few. Yes it’s possible I’ve got a screw loose, but I’m ok with that. 

Today marks the day 4/15/2020AG (after gears) I never go back. Single speed or death. Parts on order.