22: BPR NY

BPR NY Operating Instructions

  1. If it has to be explained it will not be understood. 
  2. Spread and share the stoke… don’t be a dick.
  3. pineapple and spam will be brought on all overnight rides.
  4. * no scooters *

The Leader: Todd aka Kickstand

Todd’s Letter of Intent

The universe has presented this opportunity to start up a New York chapter. Never one to shy away from a challenge, adventure , or party I accept the founding fathers invitation. It is my intent to continue riding bikes with the spirit and style that binds the brothers and sisters of the alternate reality and to grow this collective as the universe places other like minded individuals near and around me to do the same.

At a very young age , I had an unexplainable experience when I stumbled upon a hang ten skateboard sitting in the garage of my childhood home. A long haired Jesus type figure was stylishly gliding down the face of a wave. The art work had a distinctly psychedelic look and feel to it and staring at it I believe I sort of had a vision – received my cosmic marching orders. I was to get rad.

I have accepted the mission set forth by the universe and I believe this life long pursuit of shredding the gnar and pushing the limits has put me together with the back of the pack racing collective. I am not the fastest ,or the strongest , but I do believe I am an alternate reality soldier. Good vibes and high fives along with stoke are virtues of an alternate reality soldier that must be cultivated and fought for if necessary. If given the chance by the founding fathers, I will carve out a section, in my region, to complete the mission. It would also be my aim to grow the mission to include the arenas not yet explored by BPR such as surfing and paddle boarding. Basically a marine division. The art of being a waterman coincides well with the alternate reality soldiers journey.

Thank you for your consideration – standing by –

Bike Pics

Water Pics

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