Stone Temple 8

Man, is this going to hurt? When doesn’t it hurt?

The race course was awesome. My performance sucked. Check out the data, geek. My max heart rate was 192. Permanent damage? Yeah, like that hasn’t happened before to The Judd. I finished 6 laps, 47.5 miles and roughly 7100 ft of climbing. Not a bad test for the 24 hours of Moab – coming up on Oct 10 & 11. I figured out a good pace for endurance and learned how to suffer like an obese pig waiting in line at the slaughter house. What does that mean? Hell if I know.


The picture above is taken at my favorite hang out. This was a spot at mile marker 4.65. (Is there such a thing as a mile marker at 0.65 past the mile, that is 0.35 prior to the next mile. Figure it out.) Anyway, I would stop at this spot and watch all the racers attempt the tricky section of trail. Good entertainment.

Check out the data, more pictures will follow once the official Back of the Pack photographer gets his act together. (That would be The Padre, who also served as official fan, official driver, and official AARP representative.)
Click on this link for the info and preliminary pics
The data, dude / dudette

So, what did I learn on this trip? I learned that The Padre had a 1957 Chevy just like the one pictured below. Yep, pimp daddy!

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