The Mecca of Titanium

… to use a phrase coined by Lieutenant Colonel Arnold.

Tedd and I hit the road the cruised up to Fort Collins, Colorado. The goal? Place two more orders for the greatest titanium single speeds on Earth. Tedd went for the killer Steller, I went for a modified Highlight. Yep, #2 sheep for me – and I won’t stop there. A speedster is in the books for 2010 – maybe.
It was a quick trip, but we fit in the fun. What is so fun about a 1000 mile road trip in 30 hours? Well, we stopped at one of the coolest breweries in Colorado, Oskar Blues. (There are 4, Fat Tire, Odell’s, SteamWorks and Oskar Blues.) We’ll narrow down the list as soon as one of the breweries ponies up some cash to support Back of the Pack Racing. It would be a wise move on their part, considering the # of 12 oz’ers that we pound in a 365 1/4 day period.
So, what did Tedd and I do at Oskar Blues. Drink? No. We played video games. Tedd revisited the Joust addiction that the Rohwer brothers succumbed to in the early 80’s at Cable Car Pizza – Durango Co. I gravitated to Donkey Kong. We owned the game room, considering the 5 ‘C’ notes we converted to quarters and ran through the machines. Lucky for us, we pulled out the trusty engineer tool bag, cracked into the software, and reprogrammed the vintage code. So, the our return on investment was ‘Steller’.
Then we headed home, through the beautiful Colorado landscape, snow coverage and all. Someday we will all leave the Land of Enchantment and once again call Colorful Colorado home. Until then, I will continue to submit resumes to all the major railroads in the great U.S. of A. My dream is ‘Astronaut’, but I will settle for Railroad Engineer.

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