The OFFICIAL B.P.R. Routes in the ABQ Foothills: Now Available

Back of the Pack routes are skillfully combined to form Back of the Pack rides. Experts, like Judd, can usually piece together the correct combination of routes to hit the ride total within 100ths of a mile. Traverse to the right hand side of this B.P.R. blog and check out the links to the data sets and tracks.

A classic example of superior planning is the Jan 9th 2010 B.P.R. training ride.  A 50 mile ride was scheduled. Judd rolled up to the team vehicle at 50.05 miles. That would be a 0.1% error after 6 1/2 hours on the titanium single speed. A 0.1% error is marginal for the fashion industry that pays Judd’s bills, but 0.1% error is damn good for single speed mountain biking. Another example is the 45 mi B.P.R training ride on Jan 16. Judd rolled up  to the team vehicle at 45.09 miles. That is a 0.2% error. Almost unacceptable. To appreciate this skill, you must understand that The Judd only sets the mileage requirement for the ride. All routes are selected on the fly. There is no spreadsheet engineering when it comes to B.P.R. rides, all routes are selected realtime due to natural forces… like the desire to dodge rabid dogs and pissed off poodle walkers.

A couple of classic rides are documented in the files that you can access on the right. Brian’s Trip is a classic. Why? Because Brian was there. Tim’s Bored is a classic 30 mile ride. Why? Because Tim was bored. Tedd’s 3PUAH is a classic ride. (3PUAH = 3 Paths up a Hill.) Why? Because it is about a 15 mile ride and Tedd is still convinced it is a 6.5 mile ride. I’ll document the classic 50 mile rides later. I’m tired and I’m not even close to starting the chores that my mother assigned me, via email, tonight. (I put the ‘via email’ disclaimer in just so the B.P.R fan club knows that I do not live with my mother. But The Madre did assign me chores, via email.)

Below is a Google Earth graphic of the Single Speed Stress Test route. (SS Stress Test.) Rumor has it that there is a cactus on the route that is very fond of Tim. No one knows where this cactus is. Why? Tim has a bad memory, especially when 1500 cactus needles are occupying his attention.

The 3PUAH ride can start right at the Indian School lot. Or you can hit it from anywhere, no problem. The only problem is dodging the dogs that attack on the South Route. Yep, I was attached by a dog on Jan 9th. The owner had the look of “It’s my dog’s God-given right to attack you”. Well, I’ll be prepared next time. Many dogs have lunged at me. But only one dog has finished the attack with a solid chomp. Paybacks are bitch, dog.

Tedd’s Lessons Learned from a recent late night 3PUAH ride are below:

1) Too graphic for this site. Only a retired rugby player would understand.

2) 3 PUAH is somehow connected to the Bermuda triangle – there is no comprehensible way that any 3 PUAH sequence is only 6.5 miles.  External influences are involved, likely extraterrestrial.  Mr. Data/Abduction (that would be me, Judd) should review the data to check for missing time/miles.

3) If your stead is equipped with a rear brake/drag training aid set it to the completely disengaged setting (if available).

4) Accelerating down a 45% grade is not a good time to recall that 80% of your braking power comes from the front brake (if your front brake is in the shop)

5) If you’re used to staring down at rear tires while chasing Back of the Pack team members who are trying to changing the team name, try to look ahead when riding alone, especially on 3 PUAH.

6) Groups of individual in oversized sweat shirts, baggy jeans with a belt 4 sizes too big, flat billed baseball caps, a pit bull, permagrin, and coughing likely aren’t out for exercise and sharing the enjoyment of the outdoors.  Give them a little extra room and avoid too much eye contact. (additional info – try not to park next to lowered Cadillacs)

7) The wash as a precursor flat out sucks

8)  If your resting heart rate before starting to pedal is over 100 you’re in for a long ride.

For fun let’s end this posting with a great Social Distortion song. 
Why would I do that? Because I was wrong, so they say. 
(But I’m never wrong when it comes to Ones and Zeros – so I say.)


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