The Calm Before The Storm

Late night packing and early morning driving. A wicked start to the wicked weekend. Finished packing at 12:45 AM and alarm went off at 2AM. Tedd and I left Paako at 3:30 AM. Well, no sleep is good training for the 24 hour race.

The precious precious cargo at 0 dark thirty in Tedd’s garage. At least we aren’t at work. Because work sucks and racing Black Sheep single speeds is awesome.

Back of the Pack is in Arizona.

The Brothers Rohwer headed to the Tucson Airport to pick up the official B.P.R. Blogger, The Lt Col little sister Cindy and her husband Ernesto

– Posted using my iPhone at The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Location:Interstate 10,Marana,United States

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