Pre Race Interviews with Back of the Pack

Hello everyone ! My name is Cindy and I arrived in Tucson from Atlanta to cover the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo bike race. My usual gig is blogging over at Viva Cindy, my personal blog, and Viva la Cocina, a Mexican cooking blog. I love this change of venue and the energy of bike sporting events like this one.

First I want to thank Judd for asking me to cover the 24 hour race for Back of the Pack. What an honor. All of a sudden I feel like I am part of the cool group. The group that rides these awesome Black Sheep bikes that everyone is drooling over. I am at the camp where passers by point and stare and even stop to ask questions. I am definitely with the cool kids. I am wearing a BPR hat too!

With race time less than just 2 hours away. The riders take some time for the camera.

BPR has now joined Twitter. If you aren’t on twitter yet yourself you can see we added the updates on the upper right side of this blog.

I hope you will follow along with BPR and offer your support in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Pre Race Interviews with Back of the Pack

  1. Bet the Porta-potties are getting a workout! How do you keep a straight face, Cindy? You are taking your job seriously! Are you the only reporter on duty?
    ZebraNo1 (Madre)


  2. Thanks for the updates Cindy-You and Ernesto deserve a good night's sleep–maybe tomorrow–right? Keep those burritos warm–or cold. Good Night! Madre


  3. Okay guys–in the home stretch. Tedd sounds like the only smart one! Unbelieveable–how do the bodies feel? Are you sick of burritos yet? Congratulations! Thanks again Cindy for the updates and thanks to you and Ernesto for taking good care of the BPR Team! ZebraNO1 Madre


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