24 Hours in the Old Pueblo: Race Summary

We will talk about this race for a long time to come. What an experience! Back of the Pack racers delivered – we set new personal records. Probably due to the great support staff we found on the side of the road. What luck! Well, let’s get right into the details. No time for small talk, it’s late and tomorrow will be another training ride – of course.

The Details:

The Lt Col made the decision. 32×18 was the setup. We should know better, but we don’t. In the end it all worked out.

Judd. All Business
Tedd. What the hell is he smiling about?

Tim. What the hell is he smiling about? This is a Race!

24 Hour Official Burrito Record:

The 1st Round of Burritos: Race Day

Tim – 17 1/2 Frontier burritos.

The statement that defines the race and the 5 day trip:

Why. You don’t want to know.

Well, we don’t have a Porta-Nester photo. Or do we? This is the Beer Tree.

The quotes that will be etched in stone:

1) Race Time = 2AM, quote from Tim ‘I don’t need GPS or Technology for that matter’ Arnold. “Hey Judd, with all these signs and flags out here on the trail, why don’t they put up mileage markers?”

2) Race Time = 8:30PM, quote from a jerk in lycra, gears, suspension. “What, you need to brake before a hill?” Oh, wait. That was Tedd, not the dude in lycra. Sorry lycra dude if I yelled at you.

The Race Summary:

The start: 2/5th of a mile walk. Definitely Back of the Pack. Next year either a) run with the pack or b) drink beer and chill for 1 hour prior to mounting the bikes.

1st lap. The race is on. Judd puts down the hammer. Tedd’s pissed at the pace

2nd lap. Race still on. Judd still going balls out. Tedd’s still pissed

3rd lap. Tim puts the hammer down. iPod induced. Judd and Tedd settle into the 24 hr pace

4th lap. Lights on at mile 9.5, which is 58.7 miles into the race.

5th lap. Demons take over Judds brain at 72 mile point. Exorcism via a wicked pace freed Judd, but hacks off Tim. Tedd stayed back at camp to rest and work on his bike lights.

6th lap. Serious heart burn. Dead of night. Freezing feet. Tedd finished #6 as Tim and I headed out for #7.

7th lap. Serious indegestion. Acid / bloody burps and a frozen body. Walked 1st pitch of Bitch #1. (quiters quit, walkers walk). Tedd started a prolonged break. Fell captive to the lawn chair grip of death. His plan was to head out for #7 at 3AM. (He didn’t escape the lawn chair until 7AM.)

8th lap. Started ~ 4:45 AM. All good. Warm, just enough clothes, not too much. Wind picked up. Damn! Finished right before Sun up.

9th lap. The morning is here. Wind is unbelievably punishing. Demons entered my head around mile 4 which is really at the 132 mile point. I pounded the demons out with a vicious attack to the mile 13 hill. The effort proved I was good to go for another lap.

10th lap. Final lap. Started ~ 10AM. Wind was gaining strength ~ 20 mph. We calmed the 4 bitches earlier in the night, so it was just the wind holding us back. At mile 7 in the lap I initiated a full scale assault on the wind and mental demons. I hauled ass, all after 155 miles. This proved to me that I had more in reserve. Could definitely go for lap 11… But decided to call it a race and drain some brews with the teammates.

Next year? Top 10 for Judd and Back of the Pack. 12 laps is the goal.

Guesstimate of laps. Start to camp, not including burrito time.

Lap 1: 1hr 23min
Lap 2: 1hr 30min
Lap 3: 1hr 30min
Lap 4: 1hr 40min
Lap 5: 1hr 40min
Lap 6: 1hr 42min
Lap 7: 1hr 45min
Lap 8: 1hr 48min
Lap 9: 1hr 30min
Lap 10: 1hr 30min

Totals: Distance = 163.77 mile, Time = 19:05:35.53 Avg Pace = 6.59/ mi, Avg Speed = 8.6 mph

Max Speed = 26.9 Calories 10,116, Ascent = 13083, Descent = 12927
The Course, The Track, The Loop, The Miles, The Whatever!
Single Lap / Loop / Track Data

The Back of the Pack Crew: Soon to be Back of the Pack racers.

Ernesto, Neto, Nester: Shit – just “The Dude”

Cindy: the woman with all the ideas that will lead to B.P.R. FAME!

The summary of the big race. Mountain Flyer, results and pictures

The Race Review: Mountain Flyer
The Results: 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

The Data and Pics: Judd Style

More Pics: Espinoza Style

In the End, It’s all about B.P.R.


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