Training… Back at It!

Well, I am getting back into the correct state of mind to continue the training, training for the ultra endurance events coming up in March, April, May.

So, if you are new to the Back of the Pack Racing fan club you may ask, “What’s the training regime?”, “How many miles? How many hours?”, “What’s the strategy?”

My answers: TAKE IT EASY. START OUT SLOW. Training for ultra endurance events requires an unbelievable amount of mental strength – physical conditioning and physical strength are secondary.

This weekend I plan to ripe it up on the slopes of Purgatory with my two beautiful nieces. (Home town = Durango, Purgatory was my childhood playground.)

But I’m knee deep in the training. What? How could Judd be training if he is telemarking with the girls? Easy Dude! Mental conditioning is accomplished by listening to the same song over and over for days, for weeks.

I’m currently on Day 5 of Guns N’ Roses – Coma.  The video below sucks, in terms of video quality, but the music is high quality. Creating a stable mental platform for ultra endurance racing requires repetition, monotonous repetition – for weeks.  So get busy, pick your favorite song and get to it. Put the iPod on ‘repeat’ and see how long you can last. Bet I can last longer – let’s put some money on it. How about $7000? I need to order my 3rd Black Sheep Highlight  single speed perfection!

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