Finally…Some help from the B.P.R. Crew

Well, the Lt Col has finally delivered. I’ve been waiting for help with this blog. To date, only the Lt Col’s sister, Cindy, has lent a helping hand. Well, the Lt Col is working the night shift. (Yeah right, working.) Ok, we all know what a special person the elder statesman is, so we will give him a little credit. We know what he does in the dead of night, but we aren’t telling. If only he was as committed to B.P.R and bike racing as he is to his profession and snowboarding. But we take what we can get.

So, one night the Lt Col was up late, real late. I was heading to work when he sent me this link. Awesome stuff. These dudes remind me of….Back of the Pack Racing, of course. But for all you B.P.R fans that are easily offended (Mom, I’m talking to you), DON’T watch this video – you may be offended.

Sweet bikes and sweet tunes.

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