Cochiti 100. Ok, Cochiti 67.62 for Someone Named Judd

What a ride! I’m now one serious fan of the trails up at Cochiti

I can’t wait to tackle the three loops next year. I may not make it, but I’ll try – now that I know where I am going and have an idea of the required pace. As insurance – I’ll take a couple of lights and a fellow Back of the Pack racer. Yeah, like a fellow Back of the Pack racer will commit to be a ‘support rider’ for Judd. Maybe I need to pull out the ‘C’ notes to make it happen.

Anyway. It was a brutal day. The alarm went off at 3:30AM. That hurt. It hurt bad. I spent 30 minutes fabricating every excuse in the book. I wasn’t moving. BUT, I decided that excuses are just excuses. I rolled out of bed and hit the road. Well, I hit the road and then was hit by some serious gastrointestinal track issues. Do you want more info? I doubt it. It may have been nerves, it may have been some serious dietary issues. Who knows. I survived the experience and made it to the ‘staging area’ with 10 minutes to spare.

The race. What do you want me to say? It was nuts. The climb on Loop 1 is intense. But I made it, made it on a 32×18 setup. Yeah, I walked in 2 sections – who cares. My plan was Loop 1 and Loop 3. I did it. Not fast, but I achieved my goals. And that is cool, with me. I’ve had two disasters the last two races. But I’m back. The knee is almost 100%, so I’m happy.

Next year? I’m going for Loops 1, 2, 3. I’ll train hard. The NMES will be my priority in 2011, along with 24 hour racing. I used the Cochiti 100 (67.62 for me) race as a training ride for the Full Growler – Gunnison, 64 miles. That was stupid. I’m learning. I think.

Funny stuff. My calculations show that there are 67 stream crossings during the Cochiti 100. (Only 39 stream crossings for a fool like me – Loop 1 and Loop 3.) I could be wrong. I was bit by a wicked spider (or something) on Loop 1. It hurt. I have huge scabs on my chest – so my count on Loop 1 may be wrong. That’s OK. And someone may count the 2 cesspools on Loop 2 / Loop 3. I didn’t. Either way, 67 stream crossing leads to….. well, it leads to some wet feet. Like I said – it was an awesome day on the bike. Check the pics below. Follow the link to one of my websites – dude!

The Cochiti 100 – Data and Pics

The Google Earth Stuff


The GPS Stuff


A Balancing Act, A Circus Act


A Cool View


A Big Tree


Crossing a Stream – Many, Many Times

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