24 Hours in the Sage: Race Review

To sum it all up…
32 x 19 was a terrible choice. Don’t believe me? Check out the profile and the 1st major climb.

The Race Summary, well just the important stuff:
For the Judd, the race started out with 3 mechanical problems in the 1st 3 laps. Lap 1 = a broken seat post clamp. Yeah, I rode 10 miles of Lap #1 without a seat. That sucked and that set the stage for a brutal race. Lap 2 included a broken spoke and a bent rear wheel. Lap 3 was a nightmare due to a massive grinding of a mismatched rotor and a wicked Formula R1 brake caliper. All three mechanical issues resulted in long transition times and thus I (The Judd) fell off the pace required for a 200 mile adventure.

Anyway, I completed lap 8 (108 miles) around 12:15AM. I really (and I mean REALLY) needed to finish lap 8 around 11PM to achieve my 200 mile goal. So, the DEMONs entered my head. And when the DEMONs entered my head I was unable to control the physical pain. The pain took over, the strategy was dead, I was a zombie looking for a sleeping bag. Why was the pain uncontrollable this time? Well, the lap 1 issue. 10 miles of riding a single speed (or a any bike) without a seat is brutal. Go try it, dude!

So, the Lt Col rolled in from his 7th lap around 1AM. I was up and chillin’ at the fire. Prob-eee just left for lap #6, I think. The Lt Col and I hung out for 2 hours. I watched the Lt Col dose off and almost pull a Michael Jackson in the fire pit. The Lt Col watched me dose off and almost pull a Prob-eee. So all was cool. Then the Lt Col woke up and prepared for his lap #8. The Lt Col had a killer idea – let’s both call it quits at 8 laps and
LET THE PARTY BEGIN! So, we made the agreement. At ~ 3:15AM The Lt Col headed into the darkness for Lap 8 and The Judd headed to the tent and sleeping bag – a broken man, a troubled man, a tired man, a man looking to cry like a baby – cry because of complete failure and massive knee trauma.

Then…. The darkness ended and the sun signaled a new day for BACK OF THE PACK RACING.

THE JUDD woke up around 6AM. The knees were killing. But this broken man finally rolled out of the tent. AND…Prob-eee was gone! Prob-eee headed out for lap 7 early in the morning.  Man, The Judd needed to rethink this strategy that we now call… QUITTING! Prob-eee could take the B.P.R. victory if the Lt Col committed to his new life of snuggling with his Foxy Mama and The Judd was still crying like a baby. So, The Judd considered a bath in Advil and a return to the trails – just to ensure that Prob-eee knew that he was still Prob-eee.

Anyway, while all this was going down The Lt Col finished snuggling and declared he intended to renege on the deal. Renege on the deal? That’s cool! So, for a number of reasons the race was back on! The Judd found the Advil, threw some down and went to work. 3 more laps and 42 miles later the race was over. And… Prob-eee was still Prob-eee. Yeah. That’s the way it should be.

Where was the TeddNeck during all this? Pulling a Prob-eee – sleeping. Oh well, The TeddNeck obviously needs beauty rest from time to time. 

Judd – B.P.R. ‘All Talk’ award’, 11 laps ~ 150 miles. The goal was 200 miles and I was not afraid to post the goal in any and all public forums. So, I’m a failure (sort of) and I am all talk! For now.

Tim – B.P.R. ‘Can’t Commit to Anything’ award, 10 laps ~ 136 miles. Yeah, The Lt Col is cool. He convinced me to and call it a race and prepare for an early morning party – just so he could roll out of his bed at 7AM, say goodbye to his electric blanket and try to sneak off for some extra laps. Well, I caught him in the act and I beat him at his own game.

Prob-eee – B.P.R. Badge of Courage award, 8 laps ~ 108 miles. Prob-eee is as Prob-eee does.  Prob-eee is almost ready to shed his rookie status. Why? Because, the demons hit Prob-eee at lab #3. Prob-eee almost caved in to the demons of single speed ultra endurance racing. Prob-eee was ready to mail it in and walk away from biking. Prob-eee was ready to take up bowling. Prob-eee was dreaming of growing tomatoes and returning to his garden. But he didn’t, therefore Prob-eee earned the B.P.R. Badge of Courage. (Don’t worry B.P.R. fans, this award is only handed out once in a racer’s career. Prob-eee is still Prob-eee.)

Tedd – B.P.R. ‘I’ll Hold Down the Fort’ award – enough said. We like to keep this B.P.R. forum positive. Tedd, the B.P.R. Morale Chairman & The TeddNeck just didn’t have it. Too much work and not enough riding. Or something like that. He’ll be in back in prime racing condition in no time, he’ll rip up the 24 Hours in Colorado Springs, Sept 18th / 19th.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Don’t sleep in a Walmart parking lot 2 nights before race.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the 32 x 20 setup. As lame as it sounds, it probably is a smart choice for time to time
  3. Listening to the Lt Col is a bad idea
  4. It’s better to be 5′ 8′ and 150 lbs (not 6′ 1″ and 210 lbs) if you’re going downhill and into the wind. Sucks to be me. Well, not really.
  5. 2 of everything is required, like 2 complete bikes. YOU never know what YOU will break.
  6. A new race strategy is required – and it’s now formulated – it will be tested at 24 Hours of Leadville, Sept 4th / 5th.
  7. Think about all the ‘fun’ you’re having – don’t get into a routine of counting hours to go and miles till the next camp stop. 
  8. Don’t set mileage goals unless you have intimate knowledge of the course. A mental collapse followed by a physical collapse is guaranteed if you fall off the required pace. 
  9. Dehydration will destroy all motivation to ride, obviously. 
  10. Buying two Camelback Podium Ice water bottles was a good idea. Believe me, it was.
  11. Iced Tea may be a good drink between laps. 
  12. The new crank brother cleats suck
  13. Will’s the B.P.R. connection to Ska, I hope

Lessons For The BPR pit crew:

  1. It’s a race baby
  2. The Judd’s all business. Small talk and philosofizin must wait
  3. Prob-eee’s always available for picture ops, small talk, cuddling, laundry, kitchen duty. Why? He’d rather ‘make friends’ than race. 
The Results:


Quote of the Race:
Tyler- The Lt Col’s 10 year old son:  “Dad, why you sleeping? What’s wrong with you? Why is Judd sleeping? Don’t you know this is a race?

Thought of the Race:
Prob-eee on lap 3: ‘I’ve got to start eating frickin’ meat’

Question of the Race:
Prob-eee’s wheels were turning for ~ 108 miles. But the cranks for turning for how many miles? (Get where I’m going with this?)

Race Milestones :
8 laps

Judd = 12 Hours 15 minutes
The Lt Col = 17 Hours 15 minutes
Prob-eee = Almost the entire race, like 23 Hours.
B.P.R. Moral Chairman, TeddNeck = N/A

11 laps

Judd = 24 Hrs and 5 minutes
The Lt Col = Sometime in 2011
Prob-eee = Sometime in 2011
B.P.R. Moral Chairman, TeddNeck  = ?

The Videos:

24Hrs in the Sage – Ride to the Start from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Just cruising to the start, Back of the Pack Style!

24Hrs in the Sage- The Race from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Back of the Pack Racing, Lap 1

The Race Data:

24 Hours in the Sage: The Course
24 Hours in the Sage: Profile of 1 Lap
The Pics:

More will be added soon, maybe
The B.P.R. Crew: The Lt Col, The TeddNeck, The Judd, Prob-eee
What are you looking at? My Gut? Well I’m working on it, dude!
3/4 of the B.P.R. Crew

The Race Is On!
Judd’s way out in front of The Back of the Pack. As usual!
Is that Prob-eee at the back of The Back of the Pack? Of Course
Camping with the Truckers at Walmart? Cool!
The B.P.R. Happy Campers downing some Santa Fe Brewing Happy Camper IPAs.
Yeah, we’d rather have some SKA Modus Hoperandi.
Why? Because the Brother’s Rohwer grew up in Durango. That’s Why.
The TeddNeck and the Lt Col (wannabe Redneck) preparing for the race. 
The Machines
The Judd wishes he was a Machine

Post race brew – The Judd conferring with The Lt Col
The Judd counseling Prob-eee.
Why was The Judd counseling Prob-eee?
Because no Prob-eees are allowed in The Lt Col’s chamber
B.P.R.’s favorite bar: Boathouse Cantina in Salida Colorado

In the end:
The Judd is The Judd, The Lt Col is The Lt Col, Prob-eee is Prob-eee, and The TeddNeck is…. well, The TeddNeck is one scary creature!

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