New Zealand: I’m here – been here for days!

New Zealand –  Finally Here.
It was an easy flight, only 13 hrs 21 min. No problem, right! I’ve crossed the Pacific before, a number of times to Kwajalein. But I’ve never been over the open ocean for 13 hours. The plane was cruising at 0.84 Mach. Couldn’t the pilots bump it up a bit? Just a little. 1.01 Mach would work for me.
Anyway, the weirdest thing happened. The plane was pitched up for the 1st half of the flight. Then as soon as we crossed the equator the plane pitched down slightly. i.e., the plane started going downhill.  Weird. But it makes sense. Doesn’t it? (Of course it does, think about it.)
I pretty much didn’t do anything for 13 hours. I read a few pages out of a good book. I watched only one movie, Robin (of the) Hood. But it took me 9 hours to watch a 2 hr movie. Some people would classify me as ADD. But I’m just a normal dude with a standard attention deficit disorder.
I learned two important things during the flight. 1) Old blue haired ladies really do have blue hair. Scary. 2) I can’t understand the language. It’s English, I figured that out. But damn, if the dude / dudette isn’t speaking slow, I’m just get lost. Oh well. I wonder if they can understand me with my drawl?
After we landed I enjoyed a nice 100 minutes standing in line at Custom’s and BioSecurity. BioSecurity? Of course. No one gives a crap about what I could or did have in my bag. (Titanium is a controlled substance, as we all know.) But BioSecurity was concerned about dirt on my bike shoes and my bike. That’s weird. But I understand! Don’t accuse me of complaining, because I’m not, dude!
After 100 minutes of standing in line(s) I was off to Rotorua – a hired shuttle, just me and the dude. I’m sure the dude was laughing his ass off as I did the head bobbing thing for 90 minutes. I flat out couldn’t keep my eyes open. But I woke up every time my head fell forward and about ripped off my neck due to the violent snap at the bottom of ‘the bob’. I’ll never learn. I should have put my head back and entered the coma voluntarily. But I couldn’t. I wanted to see the sights – but all I saw was cows, grass, farmland, clouds and the back of the eyelids.
So the drive was uneventful, if you call driving on the wrong side of the road ‘uneventful’. I call it scary. Everything is backwards down here. The driver is on the right. The cars drive on the left. Weird! Obviously the New Zealand Motor Vehicle Department doesn’t know (and doesn’t care!) how the US Virgin Islands adapted to the big brother – The United States. In the Virgin Islands they drive on the left side of the road and sit on the left side of car. Now that’s cool! Right hand turns are weird. Especially after 8 hours at the bar. Actually, left hand turns are weird too. 
Well, the chaos is actually cool. I may get plowed over late one night. I just can’t remember to look right before I turn left. Yikes.
Just and idea: wouldn’t the world be better off. i.e., maximize efficiency and reduce manufacturing waste, if everyone just conformed to a standard – driver on the left, cars on the right. Sounds like a good idea to me. JUST JOKING!
I may or may not get the driving / riding on the left figured out. But, I know for certain that I won’t get the spelling / pronunciation down. The races are in the Whakarewarewa Forest. Say that fast, 10 times, dude! Actually, the majority of the street names, county (?) names are awesome. I like MataMata. Sounds like a good song from The Offspring.
That’s that. The trip over the ocean was uneventful. My 1st full day in Rotorua was uneventful. I put in a cool 26km (16 miles) on the sheep – in the forest. I’ve found all the bars and met many cool dudes / dudettes, including the SSWC10 organizers. All is cool. 
Since this posting is late – I’ve already finished the Whaka 100. That race review will be up today – which means yesterday for you fools in the U.S.A. So, the race report will be right on time. Remember, I’m living in the future, you’re living in the past, thus I could still be early even if I’m late. Figure that out.

The Trip Over the Ocean:

Chaos if Over: The Trip Begins

Come on Dude! Afterburners! 0.84 Mach is Unacceptable

The Whakarewarewa Forest, a 1st experience. Check it Out!

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