A Winter Ride | The Usual Views | The Romance

I’m cranking up the mileage, slowly. No need to get crazy in early December. But I am riding after work, sort of. When I’m feeling romantic I go on a special Winter Sprint in Albuquerque’s South Foothills. Well, I’m not really a romantic dude, but sunsets are cool. AND it’s not really a sprint, but 5 miles is a sprint no matter how fast you ride. If I put the lights on the ‘sheep I’d turn the 5 mile sprint into a 10 mile cruise.

Check out this video. Enjoy the Music. Or don’t. I have a few ideas on how to improve the Back of the Pack video production – specifically the production of sunsets. This may be my winter hobby. Ok, probably not.

Winter Riding – Sunset Trail from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
A winter ‘sprint’ on the trails in Albuquerque / South Foothills

So, the Map:

And the Data:


4 thoughts on “A Winter Ride | The Usual Views | The Romance

  1. Yeah. My friend in NZ made a whole S*^T load of these stickers. Big and Small. I tried to strategically place the ones on the helmet. Now that I'm bored of being bored I think I'll go ride my stupid POS fixed gear.


  2. How do you post a copy of your map and elevation/speed details. I have a gps app for my iphone now, but I can't figure out how to share any of the geeky glory like you are doing here. I need a BPR blogger tutorial.


  3. Hey Briiiiaaaan. (Do I have the spelling right? Or should I consult with your sis?)

    I usually import the gpx file into Google Earth. I also do a screen shot of the Garmin Training Center data. That's the secret. I have Motion X gps on my iPhone. I'll see if I can figure out how to plot out the tracks and post on Facebook or something.


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