Bike Packing: Just a Weekend of Something

The Morale Chairman and I wrapped up our exploratory phase into Bike Packing – Back of the Pack Style. Next weekend is Dawn ’til Dusk. Weekend after that is a wild 250+ mile bike packing adventure in Arizona – with the B.P.R. Tour Guide, aka, Mad Rhino.

The basic trip: a) a day (or 2) of bike packing, b) overnighting it in Cedro, c) a cruise into Albuquerque to watch a soccer game, c) anything else that could happen – unplanned of course.

Well, there is not much else to say. When the Morale Chairman and The Judd go riding, go to races, go wherever…. it’s all business. Small talk is prohibited. Ok. Almost all talk is prohibited. So this posting is just about the details – no stories, no humor. Sorry.

So Many Lessons. So Little Time:

  1. No schedule, no rules, no plan, no destination… no problems.
  2. EBBs suck – if you want piece of mind on a bike packing trip. Oh well.
  3. Freeze dried breakfast? Gross. Go with a freeze dried dinner – for breakfast. Actually. Wait it out and find a Lotaburger.
  4. A little dirt on the toothbrush helps with plaque removal. Doesn’t it?
  5. If you simulate a 7/11 and are unhappy with the beer selection… better improve your simulation, dude.

The Quote of the Trip:

Situation: The Brothers Rohwer are hike-a-biking up a trail in the Foothills. Bikes fully loaded.

Foxy Mama: Wow. Singlespeeds. That must be really hard.

The Judd: Not when you’re walking.

The Morale Chairman being The Moral Chairman:

Situation: The Brothers Rohwer are hanging out in the wilderness – checking out the night sky.

The Judd: Morale Chairman, I wonder if that’s the Space Station up there.

The Morale Chairman: You mean that ‘thing’ that’s not moving. I’d call that a star.

The Morale Chairman: Hey Judd, check out that, over there. I think I see 3 more space stations.

The Judd: Always a comedian.

A Question We Pondered During the Adventure:

The Morale Chairman: Hey Judd. You said Prob-eee is a believer in Zone 2 training. Is that right? Am I in Zone 2 when I’m sitting on the couch?
The Judd: I think that’s correct. That’s probably why we don’t see Prob-eee anymore. He’s stuck in Zone 2 – stuck on the couch.


I Told You So:

All The Pictures, Almost:

The Link: Bike Packing, And Exploratory Process

Some of the Pictures:

The Track
The Sheep, The Gear, The Start
Still Snow in the Sandias
Bear Bait!
What would bike packing be without Cheetos!


What are YOU so Happy About!
Man. The Morale Chairman Sleeps FOREVER!
Just The Judd
A Simulated 7/11
Chllin’ At the Soccer Game – After the Urban Assualt


The Morale Chairman & Family @ The Soccer Game
Major Blowout!
The End is The Beginning

3 thoughts on “Bike Packing: Just a Weekend of Something

  1. Mr Anonymous. Come on! You don't actually think that the Morale Chairman would do such a thing. The plaid shirt is some crazy grays and maroon. Or something. We actually had a discussion about nice green plaid AND how such nice green plaid is reserved for those special B.P.R. members that are a notch below The Founding Fathers. So. NO GREEN PLAID on The Morale Chairman. For Now.


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