The NZ Crew: A Race Around Lake Hawea

The B.P.R. race season (race?) is coming to an end down in New Zealand. (Maybe) So, before the snow flies and the ski slopes open, the B.P.R. NZ crew set out on a friendly 125km ride around Lake Hawea.

Friendly? Come on, there is always a brutal race going on at the Back of the Pack. Seriously, there is. And it AIN’T friendly. (I love the word Ain’t.)

Check it out -> The Race Around Lake Hawea –

The NZ Crew:

It’s great to see the B.P.R. NZ crew sporting the plaid and patches down on the South Island. Too bad I’m not there to drink their beer and eat their pizza. Next year.

Anyway, the NZ crew not only embraces the B.P.R. Operating Instructions, they’ve added a few NZ options unique to the NZ lifestyle. 1) must pack beer for the race, 2) must stop mid race to drink the beer and pizza. No joke, jokester.

Yes. The Lt Col is famous for eating pizza during a race – but The Lt Col usually tries to wolf down 2 slices during a slow, hard climb. Well, there is no such urgency down under in NZ. I think.

You are curious. Aren’t you? Why would the NZ crew stop to drink the beer and eat the pizza? Because a) they can and b) they’re smart. It’s better to enjoy the experience, enjoy the adventure. The NZ crew is a bit more laid back. The NZ crew realizes that the race within the race is at the Back of the Pack.

New Zealand is the ultimate when it comes to Mountain Biking and single speed freaks. Just look at the photo at the end of the post. Where else on Earth would a few dudes take a jet boat to the trails? Crazy! Awesome! Anyway the B.P.R. NZ crew consists of a strong 3, maybe. Dan and Jasper are flying the flag and pushing the cause forward. Henry, The Organizer & The Responsible one of The Ultimate Adventure definitely earned his Full Membership by going above and beyond the call of duty. But The Responsible One may be too responsible to slum around at the Back of the Pack. Maybe. But B.P.R. Patches were sent 1/2 around the world and are clearly on display at all major SS endurance events. So I’m told.

Future Recruits?

B.P.R. is following the single speed revolution around the world. We are growing, growing slowly. And New Zealand is the ultimate place to grow the team, spread the word and evolve the lifestyle. So we will see what happens. There are a number of dudes & dudettes that could push the movement forward. Only one problem. I’m out of patches and I cut up my credit cards. Maybe I need to find a 2nd job so I can outfit the new recruits. Uh, nope. Maybe the new recruits should get the 2nd job to outfit The Judd. Yeah. That’s it.

Moving to NZ:

I’m headed back to NZ in early 2012 for a few weeks of riding, racing and hell raising. I keep telling The Madre that I probably won’t return to The Land of Enchantment. The Madre just looks at me as if I’m crazy. Maybe I am.

So, why would I travel to NZ and not return to The Great Southwest?

  1. Because it would be fun.
  2. Why Not. You only live once. I think
  3. The Aliens are coming. The world is ending on Dec 21, 2012. So I’m resigning from all my responsibilities as soon as we enter 2012 – the last year of our existence on Planet Earth. Yep, on Earth. I’m pretty sure the Aliens will abduct me and take me to the official Single Speed Paradise. I’m a believer. Believers move to the front of the line.

The Race, I mean Ride:

Dan sent me a few notes on the Race Around Lake Hawea. I’ll summarize the events – just to ensure Dan doesn’t hunt me down for plagiarism.

  • The race started at 7AM. Pizza and Pizza Picnic at 12:20. That’s a long 5 hrs & 20 min.
    • Jasper was lagging behind Dan. Sounds like a friendly B.P.R. rivalry. Friendly?
  • Dan finished the 125 km around 3PM – an 8 hr ‘race’.
    • Jasper was lagging, again, over the last 20km.
    • Dan, on his Blackbuck, had to throw a toe line to the dude wearing red plaid and riding the Black Sheep. Yeah. Friendly rivalry.
    • Sounds like Dan is dominating Jasper just like The Judd dominates The Lt Col.
  • The B.P.R. NZ crew is totally ‘down’ with the endurance stuff. They realize that a SS freak can go out for 8 hours, devour some pizza & beer and still roll in with an acceptable time.
    • Yeah, it’s amazing how all those gears and derailers and mechanical problems slow down dudes & dudettes. The SS freak can just roll with flow and grind out the miles.
  • Back of the Pack is known around the world. A NZ B.P.R. fan called out to Dan and Jasper – “Hey – Back of the Pack Dudes”.
    • Yep. The revolution, the lifestyle at the Back of the Pack is catching on.
    • Ok. I’ll snap out of this dream, someday.
A Few Pics:
Jasper rockin’ the red plaid
Awesome Black Sheep

The Plaid & The Patches

A Cold Start?

Chaos @ the Back of the Pack

The lake at 8am.

Jasper sporting the red plaid on his wicked Black Sheep – fully rigid, of course


Dan’s Blackbuck on the Epic Tour
What’s a Blackbuck?


Making Progress
Not much longer
The beer and pizza is calling
by the way – the fork was locked out – says Dan


Jasper having fun
Since when is single speed torture fun? 
Oh, it’s always fun
Jasper reaching terminal velocity on his sheep
Isn’t Jasper on the wrong side of the road? Seriously
Pizza & Beer
The Legendary Pit Stop
NZ hospitality – farmers feeding the ‘racers’
Beached the Jet Boat
The Jet Boat
Standard Transportation – to and from the trails.
This picture is from Todd (Black Sheep Bikes) and Dan’s Oct 2010 adventure

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