Here We Go – The Colorado Trail

The Link to Judd’s Location with Tracks:
The Link to The Morale Chairman’s Location:

Chick Here, if you care


It’s time to hit the road. The Morale Chairman and I are traveling to Castle Rock today and will hit the Colorado Trail in the AM. We’ve learned valuable lessons during our July adventures on the Colorado Trail. So we are prepared, I think.

Segments 18 – 23 in early July

Segments 25 – 28 in late(r) July

This will be the 6th bike packing trip of 2011. I’m FINALLY happy with my packing list and my packing efficiency. I may even have room to add in a jumbo pack of salt & vinegar potato chips – the bike packing food group made famous by The Moral Chairman.

And I’ve been carbo loading for the last month. So this Phat dude is rolling out Fat. Or… this Fat dude is rolling out Phat. Either way, it’s all cool.

So we are both psyched & we are both ready for a vacation. A vacation on the Colorado Trail.

We may finish in 10 days. We may finish in 12 days. We may not finish. But if I were you, I’d put money on 11 days 6 hours and 22 minutes.

Also, if you see us deviate from the CT – it’ll most likely be a planned resupply trip to Lake City. It depends on our progress and food supply. We don’t intend to hit Segments 22 and 23 low on supplies. We did that July 2nd / 3rd. Not fun and not smart. But the consequence of the resupply in Lake City is one brutal climb back up Hwy 149. No problem. Right.

The Link to the CTR TrackLeader Site – our positions may or may not be on the Trackleaders site. You’ll know and I won’t.

Remember – We are racing in the Clydesdale Fully Rigid Single Speed Category. It’s a brutal group at the Back of the Pack.

And if your curious about where we will be and what we will be doing….

This is where we will be and what we will be doing….

You might want to add in some serious thunderstorms too.

Another view of the Colorado Trail

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