2012 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo – The Year of the Couch

If you are looking for the 2012 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race report, you won’t find it here, as one actually has to put out some sort of race effort to write a race report. Check out the Philosofizer’s accurate account of the B.P.R. Ludicracy if you want to experience what really went down.

I am here to tell you, for some, 2012 Old Pueblo, was in fact “The Year of the Couch” (as obviously demonstrated above). It was the year that Back of the Pack Racing set up the “BPR Living Room“.

I went into the race feeling ill for well over a week. I tried to maintain positivity and thought that it was just pre-race jitters. If you think about it, pre-race jitters is almost an impossibility as it is really hard to be nervous about anything…when you race at the back of the Back of the Pack. My race started out with only 2 laps on Saturday, and after the 2nd lap it was all I could do to get my singlespeed back to the Living Room. I was tired, exhausted, and wanted to just lay day. So I did what was required, I laid down on the one of the three of the BPR couches and slept until until Sunday morning. Sunday morning arrived and I suited up in my BPR plaid and managed to squeeze in 2 more laps. The last lap of the race was the most rewarding as I rode the Black Rhino SS Fatbike, the bike that just makes you smile.

I wasn’t the only one sucked into the couch, and I am sure I won’t be the last. It truly is a curse, and now we seem to have 3 of them: The Pink Futon, The Mouse Couch fold-out, and the Ikea Sofa. Despite my poor demonstration of athleticism, I had an incredible time hanging out with my family, friends, and crazies, and without all these people my race just would not have been the same.

-Mad Rhino

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