Cruising on the Colorado Trail…. It’s a RACE or It’s a TOUR

Cruising on the Colorado Trail…. It’s a RACE or It’s a TOUR. I will let you know how it goes.

My final gear dilemma is Bivy Sack or Tarp Tent. If I choose Bivy Sack – then I’ll go for some long days and nights, and that means RACE. If I go with the Tarp Tent (and thus a sleeping bag) then I’ve committed to a nice long vacation while TOURING the Colorado Trail.

In the end, Race or Tour, it doesn’t matter. For me, it’s all about the 500+ mile cruise on my bike.

So, I’m fully prepared, mentally. But physically prepared? Not even close. But who cares. Suffering is Suffering. Pain is Pain.  It doesn’t matter. It’s all in the head. At least for us dudes that roll at the Back of the Pack.

The Colorado Trail – The Bike Route:

For complete information (or semi complete) check my other website / blog:

SingleSpeeding on the Colorado Trail

A link to my Spot (the beacon) history:

The Link. Dude. Dudette.  But check below for the killer Trackleaders info.


The  map and relevant race resources. I’m a yellow marker – probably the JR yellow marker. If for some reason you don’t see the JR marker – click on this Trackleaders link or find my name at the right and it will take you to a different page.

The Setup:

I’m rolling out with Black Sheep Highlight – The Padres Ride… my race bike. I was planning on making this a fatbike (Black Sheep Snow Roller) tour of the Colorado Trail. But the fatbike has a flat. I’m not motivated to fix it. AND the Morale Chairman can’t participate. So what fun would it be to cruise a fatbike phat style across Colorado, solo. Actually, it would be a ton of fun.

I rolling with a 32×20 setup. Last year I tried 32×20 during a few scouting rides. But lowered the ratio to 32×22 for the 500 journey (but bailed to the asphalt at Purgatory.) So, I now know that I’ll be walking most climbs. Therefore I’ll need to ‘gear up’ for the bypasses. That’s the strategy, anyway.

just some gear and a sheep

And Remember:

  • Don’t try and contact me. My phone will be off AND I may just leave the communication device with Los Padrinos. This is a RACE! It ain’t no social event.
  • I’m rolling out with the minimal gear, maybe. But if I commit to TOUR mode, then I’ll pick up more gear & supplies in Buena Vista. Yes, that’s legal – if I buy it or pick it up at the Post Office. READ THE RULES.
    • Definition of Self-Supported: The guiding principal is “Do. It. Yourself” and “equal opportunity” for all racers, regardless of whether you live in a town the CTR passes through or on a different continent. So, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, and any other commercial services along the route are fair game as long as they are not pre-arranged.
    • Maildrops to a post office and only a post office. It’s not the job of a gas station, motel or restaurant to hold your package. That’s what a PO is for. Buy snacks at a gas station and sleep at a motel, but don’t mail them your junk. Imagine if everyone in the race mailed a package to the same tiny gas station… 
  • TRAIL MAGIC? I don’t do TRAIL MAGIC… unless it’s totally unexpected and unplannedREAD THE RULES
    • Definition of Trail Magic: Beautiful, beautiful trail magic. Totally unexpected and unplanned support. e.g. a random person giving you a coke or an orange. Or finding a box of girl scout cookies on the side of the road. But let’s keep the magic, magic – if you personally know the person who is offering unplanned/unexpected support, politely decline their offer.
  • Whenever I cross the Colorado boarder, It’s always 50/50 that I’ll return to life as I know it. This time it’s 50/50 that I’ll take the final DIRT NAP
    • Madre… JUST JOKING! I hope.

with luck and determination I’ll be on Segment 22 early next week


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