Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.38

some say: another day another dollar.

at the back of the pack we focus on: turning the cranks and jam’n out to tunes. that’s just the way it is.

week 14.38 was a big week for some. a not so big week for others. 

BPR Australia. The Single Speed Nationals were held, like yesterday, or two days ago or today. Actually, who the hell knows when The Race was held due to that freakish time shift Down Under. 

Anyway Blondie, The Leader of BPR Australia, rolled her Black Sheep to 2nd Place. Wicked Awesome. And Blondie is building her BPR Australia Crew with a few new recruits. Dudes that I (the founder, the leader) have chill’d out with before. So… awesome times down in Australia. 
BPR Arizona. It was a freakish weekend. Well, just the usual freakish-ness. Like riding bikes and pounding the adult beverages and hang’n with The Crew. 
So let’s get to The History. The History documented via Pics… from way back in the pack
BPR Australia: Blondie and her Black Sheep
match made in heaven

BPR Australia:why is Blondie smiling
probably because she has a beer in her right hand
BPR Australia: Blondie and the new BPR Australia Recruits
there are serious fast dudes down under… down under The Equator
BPR AZ: just when we start talking about more patches and more plaid
we’re all reminded of THE real requirements for a ‘killer kit’
BPR AZ: roll’n out the way they roll out

BPR AZ: there is always a party before The Party

BPR AZ: Mad Rhino think’n that drill’n titanium is ‘kool’

BPR AZ: those Arizona freaks think that ‘water’ is a life or death thing.
us dudes roll’n with BPR NM go for, like, 12 hours on two bottles… 
… because we’re living in a drought and doing our thing to contribute to CONSERVATION

BPR NM: Judd roll’n as Judd does…
… to the grocery store and a Sunday morning burrito at Greenside Cafe

BPR Germany/Temp: The Morale Chairman educated on what the definition of…
 … a REAL CYCLING community

BPR Germany / Temp: The Morale Chairman finishing the trip in/at The Monkey’s A$$
BPR New Zealand: those just wanted everyone to know those at the front of the back of the pack roll

In the End: Stay Cool and keep fuel’n YOUR Revolution

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