24 Hours in the Old Pueblo v2018: Hooligans and Hooliganism, Again

Yancey of BPR AZ fame provided a review of the BPR Hooliganism at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Elements of BPR AZ, OR, CO and ND made the yearly pilgrimage to the site of lawlessness… fueled by this BPR crew and the customary freaks of the DrunkCyclist clan. (And then there is the crazy freak Gallup Bill. That’s dude needs some patches. But we understand his issues with ‘commitment’. I have similar issues, just different set.)

Always a great weekend. So, check out the pics. Or don’t. Ready Yancey’s race review. Or don’t.  (But seriously. We know that YOU like pics and don’t like the lingo. So it goes.)

The “Team” and the “Race”
Rider 1 James aka the Butcher
Started the race with a beer and a shit so as to keep the socks on while riding the race course. Good move. Rode two laps then returned to camp blown up.
Rider 2 Fancy Yancey aka FanYan
Rode one hot lap 1:48. May not be fast but sure is slow.
Rider 3 Cjell Money
Rode one hot lap faster than the people he passed
Rider 4 Matt Whittman aka Spreader of Stoke One hot lap and some skids
Rider 5 Krazy Karl not an official rider but there to spread chaos, he is very efficient.
Skip rider 1 for second lap, he already did 2 laps
Rider 2 up and completes lap, cuz ocd you know.
Rider 3 takes the baton to an after hours dance party, everyone passing camp becomes Cjell and is addressed accordingly, might be time for some Cjellllllllll! Stickers. Cjell makes it “home” sometime after 2. All riders are in bed.
Sometime around 7am rider 1 gets up to do a lap.
Rider 3 gets up at 8am and decides to do a lap. They yell for rider 1 but no response means he must be sleeping right, right! Karl says it’s right, must be right, right? Right. Rider 3 enters the tent and gets rider 1 erased from official sheet and grabs a second Batton for a hot racing lap.
Rider 1 returns to camp after completing his morning glory.
Rider 3 returns to camp to find that his lap did or did not count, but he erased rider one so the lap is his right? Maybe
Rider 2 goes out for a lap cuz ocd you know. Returns to camp at 1130 am to rally with the crew for the last lap. Rider 2 gets a trail side massage without a happy ending while the crew starts the final lap. Whiskey tree we all are greeted by Drunkenholtzz with Moscow mules and Gin and tonics😆 beers and other assorted goodies. Medical sweep rolls up and informs us that there is 20 minutes left or DNF. So we DNFed the race and enjoyed the weather.
Totals Team
Rooke 4 laps 2 counted
Yan 4 laps 3 counted
Matt. 3 laps 2 counted
Cjell 3 laps 2 counted
Karl 1 lap 0 counted
Totals Solo
Marcus. 8 laps
The names were not changed to protect the innocent.
Overall race was a success!

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