ITI 350 v2019. Just Pics… No Diarrhea of The Mouth, This Time

ITI 350 v2019

Just some pics, a selection of the best pics. Not for you. But for The Madre. But maybe you will dig them too.

I figured most people wouldn’t follow the link to the pics in ITI 350 race report.

One or two pics are out of sequence. I’ll give you $1,000,000 if can find the two pics that I placed in the wrong ‘segment’. Maybe. Or maybe I won’t. Just depends.

Day 1. Knik to Yenta


Day 2. Yenta to Skwentna


Day 3. Skwentna to Puntilla Lake

Data. Skwentna to Shell lake


Data. Shell Lake to Finger Lake


Data. Finger Lake to Puntilla Lake (Rainy Pass Lodge)


Day 4. A Day of Rest. A Day for A Feast. A Day for Rest



Day 5. Puntilla Lake to Rohn



Day 6. Rohn to Nikolai


Day 7. Nikolai to McGrath. 350 finish.


Post Race Pics and Comments


And Cycle back to the Pre Race Chaos. Just Pics


AND JUST IN CASE: just in case you need to feed your Lil Peep addiction….

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