New Mexico Races – Spring 2009

The Alien Run and La Tierra Torture were two ‘warm-up’ races. The Alien Run in Aztec NM was a big disappointment. I got my ASS KICKED. I even went to bed early. I guess the 1st race of the year proved that I was not in stellar shape. Biggest disappointment? I didn’t see the UFO crash site, nor did I see any UFOs or Aliens. Oh well, I stayed in Durango the night before. Always good to chill out in the home town.

La Tierra Torture in Santa Fe NM was cool. The short track race was on Saturday, the XC race on Sunday. I did OK. But, due to La Tierra ‘Torture’, I decided that short races were not for me. In the single speed experience one must be willing & able to make quick passes on the ascents. Some single speed dudes are flat out rude when trying to pass the slow geared bikers. That’s not me. So, I sat back, enjoyed the ride and decided that the endurance races where survival is the key is really my interest. Anyway. Check out the data, dude.

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