Road Trip to Vegas, Via Flagstaff

So, every once and a while a dude needs to go to Vegas – to free the soul. Or tarnish the soul. Or damage the soul (maybe liver). Who knows. I went for a class. Yep a class. It was cool. I did some riding in Flagstaff on the way out. I checked out a few miles of the Crazy 88 course and road one lap of the Barn Burner. Nice stop in Flagstaff. BUT, turns out my Eccentric Bottom Bracket cracked. James to the rescue. James, Black Sheep Bikes, overnighted a new EBB to Vegas and a shop in Boulder City installed the part. Bitchin‘. I was in business for the Barn Burner. Hey, have you ever seen a massive suspension bridge go up over the Colorado River just South of Hoover Dam. Well, if you haven’t driven to Vegas in the last 5 YEARS then you haven’t. So don’t try to pull one over on me. Check out this photo. Then check out the other photos by following the link.

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