Firecracker 50

July 4th. This was one awesome race. The race started in the center of town. Actually the race kicked off the Breckenridge 4th of July parade. All the kids were out high five-ing us racers. It was fun. The course was challenging, mainly due to the elevation. The course peaked out at 11,300 feet above sea level. Doesn’t sound like much. But it is. (I need to train more at high altitude, definitely.) My cheering section was awesome. Tedd, Denise, Avery and Paige surprised me at mile 28. They were on the side of a brutal climb out of town. Of course, Tedd provided me with a nice swig of killer beer. Just what I needed in order to survive the next 23 miles. Then I went around a corner and there was ‘street party’. Some dude was riding a bicycle chopper wearing a wrestling mask and a Captain America speedo. Awesome. I should have stopped for a picture. The street party crew was nice enough to set a jump out for us punishers and even provided a nice cup of PBR. Well. I rode hard. I even passed a number of dudes on the final, brutal climb. My endurance is improving. I’m getting hooked. At the finish – the #1 cheering section was there to meet me. Great ending. After a few free beers, off to Leadville and the campsite. Great Trip. Check out the data.

Check out the other website for more photos of the family adventure

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