Breckenridge 68

Well, since I am not tough enough to race the Breckenridge 100, I opted for the Breckenridge 68.

68 was good enough for me, this year, considering I only made it 52. I was an idiot. I started the race with a rear tire that had 30% left on its riding life. (Ok, that is a guess.) Bad move. The tire started to leak around mile 22. I nursed it until mile 41 or so. Then I put in a tube – ran out of CO2, bummed some CO2 off a dude and decided to limp back to the start / finish. Good move on my part. The tube had a leak too. If I dropped down into Como, I’d probably still be there. Moral of the story: If you drop big bucks on a bike race, put on a new $40 tire. Tedd and family were at the race, so another good cheering section. Oh yeah, one more thing. The race organizers changed the course the day before the race. Cool. The 2nd loop (my 1st loop) was ‘upgraded’ from 32 miles to 36 miles. Not a big deal EXCEPT the elevation gain went from 4000′ to 5000′. Definitely didn’t set my bike up for the brutal climbs added in at the last minute. That is the way it goes. It’s still all cool. Check out the data.

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