Leadville Silver Rush 50

The Leadville Silver Rush 50. This is the race for us losers that didn’t get in the Leadville 100. Thanks Lance Armstrong for bringing all the attention and forcing us commoners out. Yes, I am disenfranchised and I hurt. Really hurt. Back to the race – the race was brutal, but bitchin’. The start was straight up a ski hill. I walked. Hell, why run if you have 6 hours of riding in front of you. Well, walking gets you stuck behind 200 dudes that are out for a Sunday ride on a Saturday. So… Run MOFO Run – next time. Anyway, I cracked the frame on the Black Sheep. No problem, a fix-it trip to Fort Collins will happen on Friday. Life without a Black Sheep would be no life at all. James is the man, full confidence in the master craftsman. But I definitely need a backup Sheep. Money Talks, Bull Shit Walks. I think. Check out the data, dude / dudette.

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