Crazy 88, Flagstaff Arizona

The race was awesome. The 84 mile track included over 50 miles of single track. Amazing trails and amazing scenery. My fitness level is to the point where I can ride hard for long miles, not just survive. So I felt good. But there was a small accident at mile 75. I’ll spare you with the details. Let’s keep it positive in this forum. So, two killer dudes, brothers I believe, helped me out. Matt Field and his bro Jason. (Actually, I rode about 30 miles with them, great guys.) Well, life goes on. Check out the team uniforms. Check out the data.
Check out the race review from Nathan. The Crazy 88 is his doing. Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Crazy 88, Flagstaff Arizona

  1. Judd…We did indeed pass right as you were getting helped into the car….talk about a surreal scene…..a guy with a bloddy face, a broken bike and a wedding…! Judging by your pace, you rocked it out there (no pun intended). See you next year!


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