Back of the Pack Racing, Annual Convention

The Back of the Pack Racing Annual Convention was held up at Ponderosa Campground, NE of Jemez Pueblo, NM. The whole crew was there. Tim took a break from his temporary work assignment in NC and flew in for a couple of days. Tedd ditched work and cruised north to setup camp. And I used the excuse of ‘bike maintenance’ to sidestep any responsibility associated with the camping trip.
The weekend was awesome. The convention went as planned. All B.P.R. business was handled over numerous cans of Tecate and Dale’s Pale Ale. That’s cool. Of course, we all put on some pounds due to the massive amounts of food assembled by Denise & Michelle (2 major players in B.P.R.) and Denise’s twin Donna. All the beer calories were burned off on the bike, I think.
Speaking of the bikes, a few good rides were logged over the weekend. Day 1 of the convention yielded a very short ride due to a major thunderstorm and one B.P.R ‘horse’ that went down with a busted crank. Day 2 included one decent 20 mile ride with two wicked climbs. Check out Tim and Tedd working on the busted crank in the middle of the major downpour.
Next year? Who knows. Something will happen, somewhere.

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