UFO Chasing by Night, Mountain Biking by Day

So, the week after Labor Day was one to remember. It was filled with late night UFO chasing and late afternoon mountain biking. Why would one chase UFOs late at night? Why not? Why would one mountain bike during the late afternoon? Because one must rest after the crazy night of chasing UFOs.

The UFO chasing occured near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The mountain biking was 15 miles east, near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. A very smart geographer would note that Lincoln National Forest surrounds Cloudcroft, I think. So, I was mountain biking in the land of Smokey the Bear. No Joke. There was a Smokey the Bear. Read up on your history.
More to follow. As soon as all the data is processed with the 128 node quad core. (What the hell does that mean? I heard the lingo this week during the UFO chasing activities.)

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