Training? In the Winter? Really?

The Land of Enchantment –
Wicked Winter Enchantment

So, life is presenting some challenges right now. The killer single speed (Black Sheep Highlight) has not been put to use in a few days, wheel problems – broken spokes and broken pawl springs. But the fix is in the works. Then there is the weather. I thought I lived in the LAND of ENCHANTMENT. Nope, I live in the LAND of the DEEP FREEZE. Check out the outside temperature, as indicated in the rear view mirrors of The Judd Machine.

15 Degrees? This is at 4:30 PM! And about 6 miles away from my Palatial Estate in the Northern New Mexico Mountains. (Well, Northern is a stretch, how about North Central?)

Ok, after a quick stop at the grocery store the temperature dropped to 11 deg! (I was out of lettuce / tomatoes / mushrooms = salad, of course. Shit, Dan Quayle? Dan Quayle? Is there an “e” in tomatoes, you know – potatoe? Anyway, back to reality.) Wait, did I just take a picture while driving down N14? Nope, I stopped in the middle of the road. I’m a safe picture taker. I may text and drive, but I don’t take pictures and drive. (Yep, I caused a traffic jam for this picture – learned the technique from my dad.)

Whoa! Its warming up! 13 degrees at The Compound of THE JUDD. Nice. At least I won’t need to turn the heat on tonight. Can’t get the monster mansion too warm, all the vampires, werewolfs, skinwalkers and ghosts would join me for the night. Ok, the ghosts already took over the house. At least they only torment me, mentally – they don’t actually violate The Judd’s personal boundaries.

So, the NoTube wheels are in the shop, i.e., Judd’s garage. Without a functional set of wheels how does one train for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo – February 13th / Tucson AZ? Crossfit Workout of the Day, of course. (Thanks Tim, you are so cool for introducing me to this self inflicted form of torture. Oh well, I dig the torture thing.)

Then after Crossfit I embark on my legendary method of Ultra Endurance Training. I call this training “Mental Conditioning Via the Monotony of Repetitious Rock n’ Roll

Top on the list this week is CAGE THAT ELEPHANT – BACK AGAINST THE WALL.

Blanket of silence
Makes me want to sink my teeth in deep

Burn all the evidence
A fabricated disbelief

Pull back the curtains
Took a look into your eyes

My tongue has now become
A platform for your lies

Ok, but at times I need to get my groove on and rock out.

Nonpoint – Bullet with a Name works for me.

IF I CANT queue up SOCIAL DISTORTION, THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE, I’ll go with Nonpoint – Today. (Yes, Social Distortion is the best band in the Universe. I know. I’ve been abducted, multiple times. I’ll discuss Social D in a future posting, maybe.)

See everybody watching and passing judgement
on every little move and decision I make.
How can i be an individual with the weight of the world
8 other planets to take?
and with everything happening
gunshots clapping and people all
running in every direction
with their hands up praying for the drama to end,
I got my hand out looking for some money to spend.


I’m working harder than a hundred black mules down in Mexico.
No water, no clouds, no cover,
from the hotter than Hell no dinner bell,
empty oven again from another bad opinion.
I mean who doesn’t want the cars,
money, fame, attention, bars, honeys,
games, attention, stars?

Funny how we say we don’t need it
then turn around and try to achieve it.

Then, when I get a little lonely, wishing I had a sweet female voice to….. DRIVE ME CRAZY LATE AT NIGHT … I set the Lacuna Coil on Auto-Replay.

AND —–

Enjoy the silence…
Enjoy the silence…
Enjoy the silence…
Enjoy the silence

As my buddy, the Lieutenant Colonel would say… “It’s like Crickets”

So, remember. Commit to the monotony and pick your song. 20 or 30 times a day is the minimum. Listen / Learn / Enjoy / Train.

Until next time … Don’t let your Meat Loaf.

And remember:

Haters Hate. Winners Win. Quitters Quit. Geeks Geek Out. Rockers Rock Out.

And Judd Just….

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