A Kid from Colorado (via Minnesota)


Even if it makes it tough to ride the single speed.
What can I say. I live in New Mexico but know that Colorado is where I belong – thus the winter weather is AWESOME!
This is my pad (Welcome to my HOME, as one asshole said long, long ago to my brother – The Tedd.)
I could use a hot female roommate. Only $2K per month, room & board. If “board” means Cheetos & Tortillas – I’m a great cook.
I’m driving into the blizzard. Yes, it was a certified blizzard.
Back at the house. Still snow after a long day at work. Long day as in Judd-FLOPS, like TeraFLOPS. Not… hours worked. Just for clarification. FLOP = Floating Point Operations per Second. Geek. Tera = 1 trillion. Geek.
So I had a long day, as measured by Judd-FLOPS. But there was still the snow to welcome me home. No hot babes though. Cheetos anyone? Anyone?
Nice View, ain’t it
Well. The winter is just getting started. So, more later. I think.
In honor of my 2 favorite words in the English Language…

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