The Christmas Eve Ride

Back of the Pack was out on the trails in the early, cold AM. The Judd and The Lt. Col represented the team. The Tedd was acting responsible and attending to serious matters at the shop. No worries, The Lt. Col’s little bro, Brian, suffered with us in the snow and added some (unnecessary) biking humor to the event.

We didn’t log big miles, but we definitely made 1st tracks. That is not a joke. We were breaking the trail through powder, 3 to 4 inches in some spots. Below is the data that Brian requested. Talk about a geek. Brian requested exact mileage, exact elevation gain, and exact summary of the track. Well, Brian will get some of the info, but not all of it. I don’t work for free. Well, I won’t work for free for a dude from North Carolina (via Ohio.) (What is a Buckeye anyway? Weird, weird people. Never associate with an OSU fan. Just my advice.)

So, the data.

The vehicle warned me…”ICE”

Are we really going to do this? The Lt Col. says “YES”

Judd’s Highlight taking a break after breaking the trail through inches of powder.

Back of the Pack’s Black Sheep Armada. 2 more Black Sheep will enter enter service in less than a month.

The Buckeye brothers. (Again. What the hell is a Buckeye?)

Can this dude get any uglier? Probably.

So, in the end…. Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Eve Ride

  1. I thought this was a civilian blog.. Why all the secrecy? Is the ride data classified? Why you gotta be such a beaurocrat? Ha Ha!!
    By the way, a buckeye is a deciduous tree found in the eastern forests of Norf Amerika. They produce hardy, resilliant nuts, also named buckeyes. Because of their majestic stature, the state of Ohio and The Ohio State University bear the distinguished nickname of the buckeye.
    By the way, what is General Motor Tech's nickname? Is it the Mighty Sprocket Lubers?


  2. OK, ok. I will put forth a little more effort on the data processing. Maybe this afternoon – if I survive the ride in the sub zero temperatures. I still think a buckeye is some code work for some illegal plant. Come on! Take a look at it. The buckeye is not a nut. Nuts!


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