Ho Ho Ho

“Ho Ho Ho
Open up your Door,

I’m Santa Claus and guess what you all…
I got something to show.”
Christmas, 2009

R.G.R. – Rohwer Girls Rule
Back of the Pack… Dead Last doesn’t mean LOSER!
The toughest dude on the Earth. The toughest Back of the Pack racer… Theodore is 77 and ready to rip it up on the 1939 Schwinn. Yes, I stand corrected. Theodore was 7 when he received this Schwinn World for a birthday present from his ‘Grandpa Dahl’, my great grandfather. A 70 year old bike, and it’s mine. I’ll restore it in time for The Theodore to race it in the 24 hours of Leadville. No joke. That 77 year old freak will kick all of our asses! Why? It’s the titanium knees and the steel single speed. Check out the brutal gear. What a beast!

So the story goes, young Theodore would ride (race) it all over Iowa. Instead of walking the hills he would do ‘S’ turns up the hills. That is a 1940s single speed move to keep the momentum and the cranks turning over – petal through a turn, point the wheel downhill, gain speed, turn and petal up the hill, repeat. Us 21st century losers just get off the bike and walk. Walk? Not those humanoid machines that grew up during The Great Depression.
So, Back of the Pack recruits the young and the old. Avery (8), Paige (6),The Theodore (77) and The Judd (36) are ready to dominate the ultra endurance single speed circuit. (Don’t forget The Tedd and The Lt. Col!) My two beautiful nieces plan to organize a kids single speed and scooter race division. Right on!
We are ready to hit the circuit. Round two of the uniforms are in. (Next blog will address the new style, check out the pictures above.) Big banner, big brutal team. We are ready to go. Thanks Tedd & Denise!

Now, for the entertainment. Get with it – dude.

Back in the day – 1985 – a 12 year old kid in Durango Colorado was break dancing to this stuff. Yep, I was breaking down on the play ground.

Just is case all you geeks and freaks don’t remember BEAT STREET

Beat Street Breakdown, Raah!

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