The Year in Review – 2009

As the great American, General Anthony Clement McAuliffe said during the Battle of the Bulge:

2009 was NUTS!

For me, it was the year of Back of the Pack Racing. Prior to 2009 a group of us were just an unorganized group of dreamers. Now we have structure. Structured dreaming is awesome.

In 2009 B.P.R. was represented at many races across the county. Too many states and too many miles to accurately document. (Actually 2 of the B.P.R. athletes have memory issues and problems with numbers. That’s the story.) At the personal level I logged 2981.47 miles and 375.56 hours on the bike. 14 races in 5 states – the 4 corner states & Wyoming. Not bad. But not great.

2010 will be a big year – in terms of miles and in terms of the EVOLUTION of Back of the Pack Racing.

2008 ended with a ski trip (telemark skiing that is) to my hometown of Durango & my favorite little big ski resort – Purgatory.

Weird thing happened. Levitating Beer at Purgatory. Weird.

1st big race of the year. Dawn Til Dusk in Gallup was… snowed out.
The Lt Col was stuck. Big Time. I just noticed, don’t tell me one of the greatest leaders I’ve ever known is actually wearing Crocs in this major mud fest. Nice! Yeah, and check out the cowboy digging out the tires why The Lt Col looks on and directs the activity.

For all our east coast fans.  When man and machine are stuck – call in the cavalry. A few good cowboys save the day.

Spring / Summer 2009 brought us some monstrous man killing beasts, commonly known as rattlesnakes.

2009 was the year of many, many endurance races. I (Judd) completed my first 100+ mile race outside of Flagstaff Az. The Barn Burner was an awesome experience.
Like I said – many, many endurance races. The Firecracker 50 on the 4th of July.
The Leadville Silver Rush 50 on July 25th.

All these long trips, driving solo, helped me perfect the self portrait.
Top of Loveland Pass, Continental Divide – 11,990 ft MSL.
Since I spend so much time racing in Colorado, I figured high altitude training was required.
This photo was above Breckenridge Ski Area – 12,460 ft MSL.

There was one bad accident in 2009. Oh well. Accidents happen. I survived.
Wicked. The Levitating Beer appeared again in Summit County.
Terrible Tedd was victim to the Single Speed Addiction. This was at the top of Boreas Pass – 11,481 ft MSL.
Boreas Pass is between Breckenridge Co and Como Co.
I spent some time in southern NM chasing aliens at night. I found some serious mud near Cloudcroft NM.

A Rohwer finally made it over Black Bear Pass. As the sign says, 12,840 ft MSL. Next year – Ouray, Black Bear Pass, Telluride, Imogene Pass. All on the single speed and all in one day. Lets call it the B.P.R. Tour of High Altitude Endurance.

Check out that view into Telluride Colorado. Some tourists went off the ‘road’ here a few years ago.
Didn’t survive the 1000+ ft drop. Obviously.

The 2009 Single Speed World Championships were held in Durango. I had a great time hanging out in my hometown, had great company & had a great experience. But the race was a freak show. That is cool. But a boat load of cash for 20 miles really isn’t my thing.

AT LEAST they were handing out Oskar Blues brew at the midway point. See the Dale’s in my hand?

The 1st 24 hour race for Back of the Pack Racing. Tedd decided to make this his 1st race EVER.
So he logged a cool 105 miles. (PSYCHO!)
Judd ripping it up at Moab.

Tedd ripping it up at Moab. (Tedd was a few minutes behind, of course. Rookies aren’t allowed to lead The Judd.)
I finally found my new dew on the way back from Moab. Just required 5 days without a shower and 120+ miles on the bike. I’m starting to investigate the ‘right’ look for The Judd.

Check out this video from the Lemans start at Moab. Yes, that is Judd (left) & Tedd (right) in full view starting at 0:16 in the video. NO, the video in not in slow motion. That is what two 210+ pounders look like while ‘jogging’ for 1/4 mile prior to 24 hours on the bike. FUNNY, I think.

The Zuni 100 (well, 44.78 mi for 1 lap) was the 1st race where the Back of the Pack trio was racing together. (The Lt Col was on the east coast all summer. Doing something special – can’t remember what.)

The trio is (L to R) –Bloated’ Judd, ‘Pissed Off’ Tedd and… ‘I Can’t Wait for the Disco so I’m Taking Off My Race Shirt’ Tim.
One Back of the Pack Family.
A Back of the Pack chill out session at the Zuni 100 (44.78).
B.P.R. night riding has become a priority, now that The Lt Col is back in town.
This was a Full Moon (Hunter’s Moon) ride out at White Mesa.
Wicked. 3rd Levitating beer in 2009. This one was in Phoenix Az. (Someone should be able to get a boat load of Federal Funding to investigate this.)

Tedd and Judd competed in the 24 Hours of Fury – Phoenix AZ. Judd made the Podium, 3rd. Tedd broke ranks and finished in the Middle of the Pack. Oh yeah, this was Tedd’s 2nd race of all time. PSYCHO! (Damn, I already said that.)
Winter Riding? Never thought I would become a winter rider. But if B.P.R. racers sit back and relax, we will be forced to change the team name to…Way Behind the Pack Racing – W.B.P.R.
2009 was the year of Back of the Pack Racing. 2009 was also the year of the patch. For all you hotties out there, you can contact me via the provided email. (Don’t know who you’ll contact via the digits. Sorry. I can’t do everything – all the time.)
Judd started off the new year & new decade doing what he does best – driving solo back from Colorado. B.P.R. held it’s annual winter convention up in Colorado, near Wolf Creek Ski Area. We were so busy discussing team issues that we forgot to take the team photos.
2010 may bring big changes, like The Chops on The Judd. B.P.R. needs a representative that can infiltrate the biking world and round up some sponsors. B.P.R.  needs sponsors, bad. We have serious addictions, like work shirts with patches and Black Sheep single speed bikes – titanium, of course.

1st ride of 2010 was on January 3rd. 25.27 miles & 3667 vertical feet. Not bad, not great.

2010 will be a big year for B.P.R., like I said.

So, Happy New Year and….don’t let your meat loaf.

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