The Risks of Mountain Biking

Well, we all know that risks surround us in the daily grind. But the risks that us Back of the Pack racers experience are usually a bit unique. Yesterday Tim and I had a very close call. Some people think that a ‘near miss’ with a 2 ton truck is something to talk about. How about a ‘near miss’ with a big ass mule deer? How about a large herd of mule deer? What’s a mule deer? It surely isn’t a white tail deer that those Michiganders like to talk about.

The leaders at the Front of the Pack – I mean Front of the Herd

The Back of the Pack – I mean The Back of the Herd

One thought on “The Risks of Mountain Biking

  1. Whitetail deer are found across the North American region, at 29 million strong, including where cities are expanding. These areas intrude on what was once the whitetails domain. As deer become more and more exposed to this humane society, they become less afraid of humans. In these areas you can find deer walking right up to you, not spooked one bit, and coming into your yard to find whatever morsel of food they can find.


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