White Mesa = The Mesa of MUDD (like JUDD)

Well, it has been a good week of bike riding. I am putting in the miles with the hope of being in stellar shape for the San Ysidro Dirty Century (March 27) and Dawn til Dusk (April 7th) . Get it, stellar – like Black Sheep Stellar. Oh wait, I’m a Black Sheep Highlight guy, Tedd and Tim are the ‘Stellar’ freaks.
I busted my iPhone at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, so I laid down the cash and bought a new iPhone 3GS. Guess What -it has video. I am now a video freak.  I also bought a VHoldR Contour HD 1080p helmet cam. It’s time that we take Back of the Pack Racing to the forefront of Ultra Endurance Bike Racing. What is the ‘Forefront’. Hell, I don’t know and I don’t care. But we are going places, If only we had a navigator – right Tim?
Tim and I spent the last Thursday – Saturday turning the cranks in the Albuquerque foothills. (I will post the details later.) Tim got bored. So Tim had the brilliant idea of riding at White Mesa today. Great idea. Below is the Google Earth plot of our ride. 

Check out additional details of the White Mesa track – available via a B.P.R posting in November 2009.
Well, White Mesa is a truly killer setting for mountain biking. Believe it or not, today was the 1st day I experienced White Mesa in the daylight. I usually only travel out there for the ultra romantic full moon rides. Yeah, romantic. Us Back of the Pack racers are all about romance. 
Only one word is required to summarize the ride today – MUD!
Because I am about to enter the world of cinema and leave my engineering job way behind – I mean way behind, I will build this posting in chronological fashion. So to start of the video and pics… 
The Drive In
We made it out to White Mesa after Starbucks and 2 big breakfast burritos at La Hacienda in Bernalillo. That is 2 breakfast burritos per B.P.R. team member. (BTW, at Back of the Pack Racing – nutrition is defined by caffeine, burritos and Cheetos.)
We arrived at the White Mesa parking lot jacked up on caffeine and full of green chile. Ouch! Then we quickly realized that it was still raining, raining hard –  so we waited. Out of the blue Tim decided to go for it. What? Did the Guns N’ Roses get to him? Yeah, the same song over and over, Guns n’ Roses / Coma, will break down even the toughest dudes out there – except for me, I train for this mental torture.
The Cliff of Death
The Mud – 4 Miles To Go!
Scary, scary sink hole!
Yeah, Junction 12. The worst is yet to come!
Like my wheels will rotate with all this natural concrete stuck to the Black Sheep.
Nothing like carrying a 20 pound bike with 30 pounds of concrete. No other options.
The Lookout. Romantic at night. Romantic in a wicked rain storm!
The Lookout. Summary of the Ride
What’s next for Back of the Pack Racing?
This video stuff will be my late night addiction for the near future. I’m thinking that it would be TONAR to integrate video and gps data. What? Yeah, just like I said. Just wait. Some smart dudes are already doing this on the internet. I need to find the ‘shareware’ and make it happen. Check out this link, scroll down to the bottom – Killer Video and GPS Visualization.
Anyone available to help me out? We need to make this happen, ASAP – B.P.R. fame and glory depends on it!.

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