Life is good, right now. I have many updates to add to this bitchin’ blog. Until then, check out the links. I have a new version of the North Foothills video. Ok, Ok. In the last blog I asked that all constructive criticism be withheld until I have the opportunity to generate more video.

WELL, all my friends had the same comment – more horizon and less trail. NO SHIT! I’m one step ahead of all of you, but I actually need to leave work at a decent hour before I can acquire new video. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

Check out the link below. This is the old video processed with some new features. Yep, I’m learning. It cracks me up. But I can find humor in a decapitated mouse, i.e., I laugh at anything and everything.

New Version of B.P.R. Video: North Foothills

Below is a link to the new Back of the Pack Racing trailer. I filmed this on the way to work. Why would I do that? Because I get bored on the drive to work.

BPR Trailer 1 from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.

And just so we are all clear on nutrition – nutrition is defined by ounces of Cheetos. BUT – one alternative is 15 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and some serious IPA!

And just in case all you fools, freaks and psychopaths out there think that I have zero influence in this dream called ‘Judd’s Earth’, check this out….My 2 beautiful nieces are addicted to Cheetos. Why? Well, go buy a bag and contemplate the world without Cheetos – that world would be brutal.

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