The Calm before the Storm: The Storm Just Arrived!

Well, 6 inches of snow in a few hours. Nothing like a spring snowstorm. I guess I’ll go skiing tomorrow. Why? Because. Why work when you can ski?

The last few days were a bit disappointing. I wasn’t able to pre ride a section of the San Ysidro Dirty Century. 2 thugs are terrorizing the San Ysidro area. The dirt bags broke into a house at 4am on Friday, shot a dude four times and scared the living hell out of the family. Since these thugs are still on the run I figure I better stay out of the area until they get what they deserve – whatever that is.

So, I put in some decent miles in the ABQ foothills. Nothing great. But miles are miles. I decided to ride the ‘SS Stress Test’. It was fun. Yeah, real fun.

The Single Speed Stress Test

my thoughts on the SS Stress Test
Just an Interview before the Pain

my thoughts near the end of the ride
Just an interview
Ghetto Judd: Urban Mountain Biking with the Black Sheep. 
(Don’t Worry just 100 yards or so between the ‘dirt’)

Is Spring here? No, it’s not defined by “muddy trails”. It’s when you can sport the Farmer’s Tan. No, I’m not flexing for the camera, dude! It would be obvious if I was.

Spring runoff in the North Foothills. Yeah, it’s snowing too!

Yeah, just when you think spring is here…
Farmer’s Tan on Saturday, Frost bite on Sunday!

Just like I thought. Spring is here. Sunny until 4PM. 6 inches of snow by 7PM. Cool!

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