Single Speed Stress Test

The Single Speed Stress Test is a classic Back of the Pack ride. Why? Because, we never want to do it, and therefore we seldom do it. Actually, I’m starting to ride it more – just because.

This data was not generated for you, the B.P.R. fan. It was generated for use as the test set for a ‘software’ project to integrate video and GPS data. It may take a year or two to figure it all out. Maybe I’ll farm out the project to someone that actually understands all this software stuff.

Below is the route mapped out in Google Earth and the elevation profile. Doesn’t look that bad, does it? Well, set up your 29er with a 32 x 18 and meet me out on the trails. I’d like to see how you react when your heart rate blows through 175 bpm and most likely caps out above 180 bpm.

Here is the video of the SS Stress Test. May or may not work in your browser. I suggest you go straight to the B.P.R. Vimeo site to view the highly acclaimed production.

SS Stress Test: The Ride from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Single Speed Stress Test
Albuquerque Foothills – South
March 16, 2010

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